For The Love of Daiso (Part VII) – Baby Baby

I’ve compiled more Daiso products that I think are quite good, and this time, it’s all for the babies! Oh yes, Daiso has products for the babies too.

(Before this, there was “For the Love Of Daiso” Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V and Part VI.)

Baby products can be quite costly and while the cost of some items are justifiable, others really don’t have to be so expensive. I’m glad to share that there are some products for babies that can be found at Daiso and they only cost $2 each!

Wet Wipes   

Daiso has a wide variety of wet wipes that everyone can choose from. There’s bound to be one that suits your use.

This little bag comes in really handy because it can be hung at many places to store products we need to use for babies.

 Storage Bag 
We can hang it at the crib so that diapers and creams are at hand when we need them.

  We can also hang it on the stroller for snacks and bottles.
 Diapers Carrier  
 With this bag, you can conveniently bring diapers and the creams that the baby needs around the house, or go to a changing station without lugging the entire big diaper bag there.

 Stroller Hooks 
These hooks are only $2 per pair and you can use them to hang things on the stroller! (Do note though, that the weight limit is 2kg per hook.)

Pacifier Belt


Okay, I really don’t know what to call this but when you see it, you know what it is for.

Slip proof Stickers


These cute duckies help prevent your baby from slipping in the tub. (However, please do not leave your baby unattended in a tub that has water in it.!

Shower Hat 

 If your baby doesn’t not like water running down his face when you wash his hair, this hat can help prevent the water from touching his face.

Baby Proofing Products

  Daiso has a wide variety of products to help baby proof the house so that the babies are protected from sharp edges and corners as they get more mobile.

 So many types to choose from!

Baby Utensils


Is your baby starting on solids? The funny thing about utensils for the little person is how expensive they can be. Daiso has some that you can choose from at only $2 each.

Thermal Bags  
Daiso has thermal bags of different sizes and designs, so if you need to bring warm food or milk out for your baby, you can use thermal bags like this one.

Clothing Bags 
Babies and kids tend to dirty their clothes quite easily and parents always need to bring spare clothes for them. Daiso has a lot of cute bags that you can use to store and bring the spare clothes with.
Baby products can be quite ridiculously priced at times but Daiso has provided us with a good option to get some of the products that the little ones use at a more affordable price. After all, babies outgrow things really fast, so if you are looking for items that babies will wear out or outgrow fast, Daiso products might be a good option.


2 thoughts on “For The Love of Daiso (Part VII) – Baby Baby

  1. They used to carry more baby products too like baby nail clipper (scissors type) and milk dispenser for bringing formula out. Sadly, they discontinued these great products. I’m glad i bought them 5 years ago when the first baby popped!

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