Tomato Rice

Tomato rice has been the “in” dish for a while now but I never thought of trying to cook it because I am not a tomato fan. I only eat tomato if it is in a sandwich or in pasta sauce.

Not that I haven’t been tempted to try, but the recipes I saw didn’t seem to tempt me enough. That is, until I saw the tomato rice recipe shared by a blogger called the domestic goddess. Her recipe has chicken and mushrooms in it. Okay, I’m bought in!

I decided not to follow her recipe entirely though. I didn’t use red pepper and substituted it with wolf berries instead. So, here’s what I modified from hers.


1.5 cup rice
4 chicken thigh
5 white button mushrooms (sliced)
1 clove of garlic (finely chopped)
1 handful wolf berries
1 medium tomato
1 tbsp oyster sauce

(I couldn’t find boneless chicken thigh, so I bought mine with bones in. I deboned the chicken thigh and decided to keep the bones for extra flavour.)

1. Wash the rice in the rice pot and add water for the amount of rice . Set aside.

2. Cut a shallow cross on the tomato and set it in the middle of the rice.

  3. With a bit of cooking oil, brown the chicken thigh. Add the oyster sauce and stir fry. Add the stir-fried chicken thigh into the rice pot around the tomato.

   4. Stir fry the chicken bones.

  Add into the rice pot around the tomato.

  5. Slightly fry the mushrooms. Add into the rice pot around the tomato.


 6. Sprinkle the wolf berries on the chicken and mushrooms.

7. Put the pot into the rice cooker and set to cook.

 8. Once the rice is cooked, stir the tomato in with all the ingredients. Remove the chicken bones.

9. Serve warm.

There you go, this is what I improvised from the recipe I saw. It is tastier than I though! Haha. I’m definitely gonna cook this again!