Kitchen Appliances I Am Thankful For

As a SAHM of two young kids, I cannot be thankful enough for kitchen appliances that make my work easier. There are those that save me time, and there are those that let me multi-task.

I must admit that life goes on without some of them, but saving me time and energy means a lot more than the money spent on these appliances.

Kitchenaid Mixer

20140827-133549.jpg I like to bake every now and then. Baking means I can home-make treats for the family, and I find it therapeutic. My mixer does an amazing job every time I want to bake something.

20140827-133803.jpg My mixer has also provided me with many special moments with Phoebie when we are in the kitchen together. I enjoy involving her in the kitchen and she always has that curious spark, wanting to try what she sees.

20140827-135638.jpg Some day, Breyen can come and join us!

Microwave Oven

20140827-135735.jpg There are days when I only have like 10 minutes to cook and eat a meal. The microwave oven is my life-saver when I need to heat food up real quick.

Rice Cooker

20140827-135902.jpg Being Chinese, we love eating rice. In fact, most meals that I cook includes rice. The rice cooker gets things done quickly and nicely.

20140827-140023.jpg The best part about the rice cooker is that I can steam other dishes while the rice is getting cooked. Steamed fish always comes out nicely done and not overcooked.

Hand Blender

20140827-140221.jpg I recently redeemed a hand blender set at the local supermarket after collecting stickers and I’ve been loving this appliance since.

20140827-140354.jpg For a while, I would hand-smash biscuits for the cheesecakes I make. After I got the hand blender, the biscuits are nicely processed in five seconds. Time-saver equals life-saver for Mummy Priscilla.

20140827-140617.jpg When I only have a small amount to whisk, I change the attachment on the hand blender and whisk away, instead of using the bigger mixer.

Air Fryer

20140827-142412.jpg The Air Fryer is definitely one of my favourite kitchen appliances. While I like eating some fried dishes, I rarely cooked them before I got the Air Fryer. Even a little pan frying leaves a greasy floor, which I don’t always have time to clean and I hate that.

Since getting the air fryer, Phoebie gets air-fried snacks when she wants nuggets or fries. Air-fried means minimum amount of oil, so it’s a much healthier choice.

I recently joined a group on Facebook where all kinds of Air Fryer recipes are shared and have since expanded my repertoire of air-fried dishes.

20140827-143055.jpg Luncheon meat? Not a problem.

20140827-143144.jpg I love eating fish but never fried any at home until I got the Air Fryer. Good bye greasy floor, hello yummy fish!

There’re also the following:

20140827-143301.jpg Pork chop,

20140827-143423.jpg bacon-wrapped asparagus,

20140827-143516.jpg fried beancurd,

20140827-143552.jpg fried stuffed-beancurd,

20140827-143646.jpg pastry-wrapped soup, prata-wrapped sausage,

20140827-143754.jpg bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms, and so many dishes that I will continue to explore with the Air Fryer.

I use minimum amount of oil, the food turns out delicious and I don’t have a greasy floor to clean after I am done! It’s a win-win-win situation!

As a stay-at-home-mum, I cannot be thankful enough for these kitchen appliances that have made things so much easier.