Learning To Cut A Toddler’s Hair

I never thought I had to learn to cut my children’s hair for them. I always thought that I could simply bring them to the hairdresser and settle a haircut there. 

Alas, it was not to be. 

With Phoebie, I had to learn to cut her hair when we were living in the US. Getting a haircut there was expensive and she usually only need a trim of her fringe. I figured, “How hard can it be to cut her fringe?”

The only way to keep her still enough to trim that bit of hair was to let her watch some TV and keep her seated. It wasn’t the easiest task then but given that it was only her fringe, it wasn’t too difficult too.

When it came to Breyen, I was really thrilled that whenever we brought him to the salon, he would sit nicely on my lap and get his hair trimmed. All this was good until… The last time I had to bring him.

He suddenly got very afraid of getting a haircut. The hairdresser tried a shaver. It didn’t work. She then tried using a pair of scissors. It didn’t work. Never mind that I was carrying him or trying to distract him with his favourite videos. He screamed so hard that even I got worried.

Breyen’s hair had grown quite long lately and while I loved how adorable he looked, his hair grow past his ears looked really untidy.

I discussed with my husband and we decided that one of us had to muster some courage to cut Breyen’s hair. We also needed something that would distract him enough so that he would ignore what was happening to his hair.

Recently, because of the haze, we have been letting the kids play the game “Just Dance 4” on our Wii. Whenever Phoebie was dancing, Breyen would stand really still and watch without even blinking. Eureka! We jus needed the help of the game and the big sister!

And so, I dug out the equipment that someone had given to us when Phoebie was born. 

 I took a look at what was in the box and I was impressed! Child-safe shaver with easy-to-adjust length cover, scissors, poncho, charger, cleaning brush and a comb.


I took a close look and was impressed with how many different lengths I can adjust the shaver to cut.

I also took out the haircut scissors set I usually use to trim Phoebie’s fringe.

And so the daunting task was set to take place. 

We turned on the video game, got the sister in position, and got Breyen to sit in his booster chair. With the game running, I got the shaver running too.


“What are you doing with that thing in your hand, Mama?” Breyen said. Of course not. Haha… But he did make some noise in protest. 

We kept directing his attention back to the TV.

And so cutting Breyen’s hair took the entire family.

I couldn’t believe that I was giving my son a haircut! Haha… I was so worried that I would give him a terribly uneven haircut and he would look horrible. I overcame my fear in the name of love. Haha…

 I had no idea what kind of hairstyle I could give Breyen, so I just followed the shape of his head and shaved. I used the thinning scissors and trimmed the thick part of his hair.

Breyen protested every now and then but was otherwise cooperative. He only started crying when the hair got into his clothes and he got itchy. Thankfully, we could give him a shower right away.


So my Breyen boy went from having long untidy hair to short, slightly uneven hair. Haha…

So I guess giving a boy a haircut wasn’t that scary after all. It can be done!!