Paying It Forward

After giving our baby crib away and explaining to my firstborn, Phoebie, about paying it forward, (you can read about it here), I wanted to give Phoebie a chance to do something similar. I was looking for a chance where she could give something away to someone who may need it more than she did.

Interestingly, while using my Facebook, I came across a video from Grab. Grab was going to launch a charity drive called Delivering Happyness. This project aims to collect new or used toys, stationery, books and clothes from all over Singapore for children in the region who may not be as privileged as most children in Singapore are. A quick check revealed that this project is a Grab collaboration with Singapore Red Cross, Singapore Salvation Army and Singapore Wishing Well.

I decided to show Phoebie the video and asked her what she thought.

While watching the video together, I explained to Phoebie that while most children in Singapore are very blessed with a lot of resources, there are many children who live in neighbouring countries that are not as privileged. I asked her to think about all the things she had and whether she had more than she needed, and if there were things she didn’t need or want anymore but another child could make good use of.

After some discussion, Phoebie started packing things she wanted to donate.

While watching the video, I had specially pointed out to Phoebie that while she had a lot of stationery to use, some children do not even have any. So Phoebie dug into her big bag of supplies and picked out the ones she wanted other children to have. I must say, I was half expecting her to keep the fancy erasers for herself but she did the exact opposite. She put the fancy erasers and sharpeners in the bag for donation and kept a few simple ones for herself.

After going through her belongings, we managed to pack a few categories of items Phoebie wanted to donate.

We had books and puzzles,

We had preloved stuffed toys,

We had different kinds of stationery,

And we had happy meal toys that were never opened.

With all these things to give away, Phoebie was happy. 

(We eventually packed more items into the bags after we went through the house again, and ended up with four big bags of items to donate.)

Just a few moments ago, we used the Grab app, tapped on the #DeliveringHappyness icon (many times, because it took a while for us to get a driver to come and pick up our items), and got someone to pick up Phoebie’s contribution.

Thank you, Mr Goh, for coming to pick up Phoebie’s very first donation of items. 

While giving and paying it forward is something that can and should be done throughout the year, I’m both excited and thankful that Phoebie got to do it this time of the year. Most people are preparing to give Christmas gifts and thinking about what they want or what to buy for others. I wanted Phoebie to remember that there are others whom we may not know personally, but shouldn’t forget to bless too. 

Also, there are many ways to pay it forward. Whether it’s donating items to charity, or simply lending a helping hand when we see someone in need, there are many ways to help. For Phoebie, she is starting with this one.

(Note: The #DeliveringHappyness drive runs from 12th December to 24th December 2016, from 10am to 6pm. Simply go into the app and look for the DeliveringHappyness icon. It took me almost one hour of tapping on the icon before I got a driver who would come and pick it up, but it is definitely worth the trouble. Also, I am not paid to advertise for the donation drive. Let’s just share this to get more people to donate.)