Nails for Bestie’s Wedding.

My best friend is getting married this Saturday!! Haha… I’ve some preparation to do for the big day and nails is one of them.

I went back to my trusty One-three Nails to get my gel mani done.

20131031-223125.jpg Tonight, Gwen the manicurist used a different lamp on my hands. Instead of UV, she used the LED lamp. It’s not as harmful on the skin as UV but Gwen did mention the nails may not last as long. I didn’t mind trying the LED lamp though.

20131031-223327.jpg Tadah! This is the design we discussed and improvised. Gwen has once again done well. 🙂

I showed it to the bride-to-be and she loved it, saying it matches my bridesmaid dress and the colour theme for the wedding. What better news than hearing that.

Okay, time to do my other prep work, like my script for my speech and to look through the rundown of the itinerary.

Counting down to my Bestie and her soon-to-be husband’s big day!!