June Holidays for Pre-Schoolers

So the June holidays are upon us and the kids will be home with SAHMs! How do we occupy our time with them?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Visit fellow SAHMs’ homes for play dates.
2. Bring your child to different shopping malls with playgrounds and water play areas.
3. Bring your child to the beach to build sandcastles or look for seashells.
4. Bring your child to a different museum each week. More info here.
5. Make pizza together. We can learn it from here.
6. Bring your child to the library.
7. Make some art by recycling paper roll.
8. Make a Father’s Day card together.
9. Teach your child to rider her tricycle.
10. Teach your child to skate on her scooter.
11. Bring your child to Sentosa for children programmes.
12. Prepare a picnic together and enjoy it at the park.
13. Bring your child for a movie.
14. Make edible play dough together and have fun with the play dough after that.
15. Write a story together, complete with hand drawn illustrations.
16. Bring your child to the Zoo.
17. Enroll your child in a school holiday enrichment programme.
18. Bring your child to the Singapore Science Centre.
19. Make a tent out of blankets and pillows and “go camping” with your child.
20. Make sock puppets together and put up a show.
21. Bring your child to a child-friendly swimming pool.
22. Bring your child on a hike.
23. Visit a farm.
24. Create and have a treasure hunt at home.
25. Fly a kite.
26. Bake cookies together. Your child can help cut the cookie shapes.

    27. Make a photo book together.
    28. Draw your family tree together.
    29. Play dress up.
    30. Invite friends over to play.

    Enjoy the bonding with your child this holiday! Remember to sneak in some breaks and have some me-time too.