Takashimaya Baby Fair 26 Feb to 16 Mar 2014

That’s right, the Takashimaya Baby Fair is back. It started on 26th February and will end on 16th March.

I love that the baby fair at Takashimaya runs for so many days, because it gives parents and parents-to-be some time to think about the items they want to buy, especially if the items are expensive. I like to go there, take a look, come back and do some research if need be, and if I decide to buy the item, then I go back and get it.

I went there with my friend today and here are some deals that caught my attention:












20140228-165253.jpg I found this last item quite interesting. For babies who are taking puréed food, this looks like a good idea. U purée the food n it goes into a feeding bag that the baby can hold and suck on. The bag is reusable, so it’s fairly economical.

My only concern with this product is that it doesn’t train the baby to eat from the spoon, which is part of the semi solids experience. The baby also has to be able to hold the bag in order to eat from it.

Still, it’s a product worth considering.


20140228-165656.jpg A couple of Ergo baby carriers are going at really good prices, and they are worth considering. I bought my Ergo Original in the US at USD89, so to be able to get one at SGD99 is quite a steal.

However, before I bought my Ergo baby carrier, I made sure I did some research to see which design would suit my use.

The following video should provide some helpful tips:

One thing I didn’t buy with my Ergo baby carrier was the infant insert. I find it unsuitable for Singapore climate, especially if I go outdoors. Plus, babies grow very fast when they are young and will outgrow the infant insert very quickly, so I find that buying the infant insert is a waste of money.

20140228-170659.jpg This other baby carrier caught my attention too. It looks interesting and quite comfortable for babies.

But of course, I won’t be buying any more baby carriers because I already have a couple of them and it’s more than enough for my baby.

One thing I liked to do when I shopped for a baby carrier for Phoebie was to bring her there and learn how to use the product before deciding which one to buy. Trying the carrier with the baby not only gives parents a hands-on trial, we also get to see just how comfortable (or not) the baby is in the product.

Again, the Takashimaya baby fair goes on till 16th march, so if you have a big item you are considering, you have some time to check it out and research if need be.

Happy shopping!