Don’t “So Poor Thing” My Baby

Dear lady-whom-I-don’t-know-but-happened-to-hear-my-baby-cry-very-loudly-for-five-minutes,

Don’t you “so poor thing!” my baby again! It’s annoying! Did you not see me trying everything I can to comfort him? If anyone is “poor thing”, it’s me!

Even if you feel sorry for my baby because he is crying loudly non-stop, please see his mummy’s effort too. His mummy is not leaving him alone and is trying whatever she can to calm him down.

Even if you feel sad for my baby that he is wailing, see that he is being carried and being coaxed.

Lady, you may think that your “so poor thing” statement to my baby is a harmless remark and that you sound sympathetic, but you are sadly mistaken. Your “so poor thing” could jolly well be what will push me, the mother who is trying her best to comfort her baby, over the edge.

So lady, keep your “so poor thing” to your poor self.