For The Love of Daiso

Daiso is a retail chain that originates from Japan. It sells all kinds of items, from snacks to hair accessories, gardening items to yarn and needles, stationery to DIY tools. You can basically find something for almost every corner of your home at Daiso.

In Japan, Daiso products are priced at ¥100 (about SGD1.10), unless otherwise stated. They are some premium products that go at ¥200 or so. I know this because while we were on holiday in Tokyo last December, I visited two Daiso outlets. One of them is a four storey store. 

Although the things in Daiso Singapore are priced at $2, which is more expensive than in Japan itself, most of its products are considered cheap in local context. It helps that some of the products are quite durable.

One of the things I like to do nowadays is to join groups on Facebook that interest me. It amazed me that there are now groups for Daiso fans! (Just search the word Daiso in the search bar on the Facebook app or webpage) Okay, maybe not amazed but a little surprised.

In these groups, people who love Daiso products come together and share their experiences and reviews of products they have tried. Some come to the group to ask if anyone has seen the products they are looking for and get information on which branches have stock of the things they need.

I have always loved shopping at Daiso and while there is one branch in my neighborhood, I have to travel for about 20 minutes to get there. I was sad when the new mall that is near my place opened without a Daiso branch. I think my husband is happy though. I might end up going there every single day and buy a lot of $2 items.

Ever since joining the “We Love DAISO” group on Facebook, however, I have been motivated to go through the trouble of traveling 20 minutes to the nearest Daiso. The items shared on the group are great and I probably didn’t know that Daiso had these items or that these items are worth trying if I hadn’t joined the group.

Pot Detergent    This item was shared in the group and everyone had raving reviews. I had yet to really clean my water pot ever since I started using it, so I decided to give it a try.

 From a dull bronzy shade to a bright and shiny silver, I was really impressed! This pot detergent is awesome! For $2, there are 8 sachets of the pot detergent, which means each sachet only costs $0.25.

Cabinet Hooks The product I saw in the group wasn’t exactly this one but something similar. I couldn’t find the exact same product so I decided to get this one. What is this for?  

  You know how every time you prepare ingredients, you have to keep turning to put trash in the bin? Well, now you can hang the plastic bag on the kitchen cabinet door and simply sweep the trash in. 

  While I know that this is not a new product that other shops have similar stuff, I want to share it because I think the convenience is definitely worth the $2.

Shelf Curtains  I have always wanted to cover the kitchen trolleys because I think that the amount of things I have in the shelves make my kitchen look very cluttered. I decided to try and look for things at Daiso to cover the sides and the shelves and I found them!  

 Daiso calls them Box Curtains, but because I am using them for my shelves, I am calling them shelf curtains. What’s great is Daiso has them in different lengths. So if you need curtains for a shorter shelf, you can get them too. There are not a lot of different designs for the fabric though.

  Initially I wanted to get curtain rods but I was wondering how I could mount the rods on the shelves. Then I saw this and rejoiced. I can bend the cables at the sides of the shelves and the curtains can go around the corners. These cables come in different lengths too. If I remember correctly, 180cm is the longest that Daiso has. 

 Initially, I wanted to use some stick-on hooks to secure the cable, but when I saw these, I put the hooks back and got these instead. 

So with a hammer, I DIY-ed and fixed some curtains on my shelves.


 Tadah! The clutter is now out of sight! With 4 shelf curtains, a long cable and a packet of staples (with lots leftover), I spent $12 on Daiso products and got my kitchen trolleys covered.

Being in the “We Love DAISO” Facebook group, I am discovering interesting Daiso products every day. I shall share again when I have tried more of them.




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