Breyen’s 2nd Birthday Party – Foil Balloons

Breyen turned two earlier this month, and as always, we celebrated his birthday with family and some friends. This year, we were very blessed to have one of my friends help us book the function room at the condominium where she lives.

I decided to go simple with the decorations because I didn’t want the whole place to look cluttered. I printed pictures of Breyen’s favourite toys on plain white paper and pasted them around the room. The only highlight of the decorations, I would think, are the foil balloons we put up.

I wanted to get helium balloons but decided against it in the end. While shopping for alternatives, I came across the product I eventually used.

After talking to the shop keeper, I decided to get this set of foil balloons. These balloons can be inflated with a balloon pump and the best part is, they are reusable!

This is the way to inflate the balloons. To deflate the balloons for storage, all I have to do is to insert a plastic straw into the inflation hole and release the air slowly. 

The whole set of “Happt Birthday” cost $15, which to me, is quite economical, considering that one helium-inflated rubber balloon costs $1.20.

So just like that, with the $15 set of foil balloons, the background for the birthday song and cake cutting was formed! 

And there we were, celebrating Breyen’s second birthday with the reusable foil balloons in the background. (Pardon the grumpy looking sister. She was upset about something at the party.)

After the party, I deflated the foil balloons and packed them up, waiting fog the next birthday party. I love it that decorations can be reused!

(The sign with Breyen’s name was homemade and has been used at all his parties, from baby shower to birthdays. Reuse and recycle means save money!)