Just A Bit Annoyed

I brought Phoebie out today, both to spend some time alone with her and to run some errands.

I always feel that it is different when I bring Phoebie out alone, versus spending time with her at home. At home, there are a lot a distractions for both of us, so the time spent together may not be the best quality. When we go out alone, she is the only one I talk to and give her all my attention.

The whole outing today mostly went well. We went for lunch at Takashimaya, and then went to the indoor playground at Paragon. After play time, Phoebie took a nap in her stroller.

While Phoebie was taking her nap, we took a train down to Chinatown to get my knitting supplies. The craft shop I frequent is at People’s Park Centre and there is a MRT exit there. However, there is no ramp or lift at the exit, just a short flight of about 4 steps.

Ben usually drives and sends me there, so today was the first time I went with Phoebie alone by public transport.

I wasn’t expecting anyone to help me, because people who exited the train station with me were all rushing past me, despite seeing that I had a stroller with me.

What I usually do in such a situation is to back the stroller down slowly, step by step. The steps were not very broad, so with each step I maneuvered the stroller down, the stroller jerked and landed a little hard each time.

What annoyed me this time was this man (probably in his 60s) who was sitting on the ledge right next to where I was moving the stroller down. There he was sitting with one leg up, going “Aiyo! Aiyo!” with every step I moved the stroller down. Looking at me with a disapproving look, he did that until I was done moving the stroller down.

I wasn’t expecting him to help, and didn’t ask him to either, because he isn’t a young man. But there he was, practically rubbing salt to the already tricky situation. I glared hard at him and walked away.

I know this can be a small matter, but believe when I say that it can be so annoying for mothers. It’s bad enough that everyone is just rushing by. This one person who was simply sitting there had to make annoying sound effects while staring at what you are doing.

This also makes me wonder why that exit didn’t have a lift or even a ramp. A lot of elderly folks go to Chinatown daily and if you ask me, all the MRT exits there should have a lift and a ramp.

Gggrrr…. Annoying…