Planning Holiday Activites Together

The month long school holiday is upon us and Phoebie is all excited because she has, in her words, “four weeks of break from school!” This means I get to have her at home with me, all day, all week, for four weeks. 

While Phoebie is pretty good at entertaining herself now, I try to make it a point to do things with her during the school holiday that we do not usually do. For instance, I try to bring the kids out more often and we visit places that they have not been before.

This June holiday is a little different from past holidays because Breyen is now part of a play group and unlike his Sister, Breyen’s school holiday only starts in the middle of June. This means that I have to plan things to do with Phoebie while Breyen is in class every day. 

I may have some things in mind, but I decided to involve Phoebie in the planning.

While Breyen was in class, I sat down with Phoebie and had a little brain storm. Through the short discussion, I took note of the things that she wanted to do and shared with her the things I would like to do.

The brain storm session didn’t take long but we had a list put together. So these are the things we we will try to accomplish during the June holidays.

I thought it was good to involve Phoebie because she is now old enough to decide on things she wants to do and things she doesn’t want to do. She has her likes and dislikes and she may or may not be keen on all the things I plan to do with her. While I want her to try new things during the June holidays, I also want her to be able to do things that she enjoys. 

So with this list in hand, we’re going to try and cover the items that we have come up with together. Here’s to a fun four weeks ahead!