For The Love Of Daiso (Part II)

A couple of weeks ago, I shared about my love of shopping at Daiso and using Daiso products. I shared that I have learnt more about different Daiso products after joining a group on Facebook. A few of my friends have since joined the group after reading what I wrote.

I’m back to share about more products that I have bought and fallen in love with. 

Corn Peeler 

I am loving this Corn peeler! I can now make bread or even cream of corn soup with fresh corn!


This was my first time using the corn peeler. While I wasn’t able to peel whole grains of corn off, being able to peel the grains off also means that I can do this for the kids on days that they don’t feel like eating right off the cob. $2 spent to save me hassle and give me fresh corn bits when I need!

 Chopsticks Friends

My preschooler has been interested to learn to use chopsticks but the handling has been a challenge for her. With this simple device attached to chopsticks, she has been able to pick good up better. $2 well invested.

Ladle Stand Many a times, when I am cooking, I search high and low to look for something to put the ladle on. Not all ladles can stay in bowls without falling out, and some plates take up precious counter space when I cook. Enter the ladle stand! When I saw this being shared in the group, I knew I had to get it.
I’m glad I got it because almost all my ladles can fit on the ladle stand and the ladles don’t roll off when I put them down. $2 only!

 Wire Tie 

This was bought by my husband. He spotted this and got it to organize the many wires for the many gadgets that we have. There are seven of them in each packet, so each tie is only about $0.28! 


I love this buy because we usually charge our gadgets at the same place and there are many different wires. Sometimes the wires end up tangled together. Using these to organize the place means it’s easier to find our respective wires, and we can keep those we don’t need in a neater manner. 

Wrap Holder – Door Hang 

Daiso has a few versions of this product, this one being one that you can hang on the kitchen cabinet door. I love this because I have many different kinds of wrap in the cabinet and it can get quite messy sometimes. With this holder, I can organize my cabinet better. The only thing though, is I don’t have a lot of doors I can hang this product on, so I only got one.

Wrap Holder – Magnetic  

This is another version of the wrap holder. This one is magnetic and can convert the sides of the refrigerator into useful organization space.


Tadah! I love this version so much that I got three of them. All my wraps are now nicely organized on the side of the fridge and I no longer have to fumble through the cabinets to look for each of them.

Wrap Holder Comparison  

Based on what I saw at Daiso, there are three different versions of the wrap holder. Each has a different weight limit and are suitable for different uses.

  1. Door hang version – weight limit 500g
  2. Magnetic version – weight limit 400g
  3. Suction disk version – weight limit 300g

Each of these are $2 and are great for keeping the kitchen tidy!

Okay, I’ve shared quite a few items in this post. I shall save the rest for the next time! 

In the meantime, I’m also going to look out for more sharing in the Facebook group of We Love Daiso and “scout” for items that will be useful to my family and me! 


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