For The Love Of Daiso (Part V)

So I’m back to share about various Daiso products that I have bought, tried and fallen in love with. (Check out Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV too!)


This is the first Daiso product I have bought to cook at home. I had it in the kitchen for a while and only remembered I have this when I wanted to cook udon for the kids and realized I didn’t buy any from the supermarket. 

When I opened the packet, I found 4 bundles of udon, and decided to try cooking one bundle first to see how much there would be.  

 This is half of the bundle I cooked. It looks enough for my daughter’s dinner. 

I tasted the udon and immediately liked it! The texture is so much better than “fresh” udon that I buy from the supermarket.

By the way, the square bowl, the chopsticks, the chopsticks connector and the spoon are all Daiso products too!

Kitchen Multi Handle  

Whenever I bake, I face the daunting task of taking the hot baking tray/run out from the oven. Sometimes it is very hard to stretch my hands into the oven, even with oven gloves on. There is always that chance that I could burn my arm if I touch the side of the oven. 

When I saw this handle at Daiso, I decided to try it.

Success!  I managed to retrieve my freshly baked brownie without having to stretch my hand in too much. Of course, my other hand was wearing an oven glove, waiting to carry the baking tin.

(Note: this product might scratch non-stick surfaces, so use with caution.)

One Touch Catch For Pole  

I have been looking for something to stow my broom away for a while now, and got this to try. I did notice that there is a load limit of 500g, so I bought three of this for my heavy broom.


 So here’s my broom stowed away nicely on the bomb shelter door. My bomb shelter door is concealed by another door, so this keeps my broom out of my children’s reach.

Magnetic Hooks

Notice the brush hung next to my broom in the last picture? It is hanging on a magnetic hook. Such hooks are great for making good use of the bomb shelter as the door is made of metal.


As like many Daiso products, the magnetic hooks come in different weight limits – 350g, 750g and 2kg.

Tiara, Necklace and Earrings Set  

I’m not a mum who is particularly into buying Princess toys for my daughter. However, it so happened that the day I saw this toy was a day I needed something to cheer my daughter up with. The best part is that it only costs $2 for the whole set, so why not? 

(Note: The earrings are clip-ons.)

Pore Care Pack  

It’s been a while since I bought or used a pore pack but because this pack of 4 is only $2, I picked it up.


This is after my husband has used it. For $0.50 a piece, that’s quite a lot of blackheads removed. Haha…

Eye Brow Coat  

One of the problems I have with my make up is that my eye brows sometimes get shorter as the day wears on. I was introduced to this product by a friend who has tried it and said that this Daiso product helps keep drawn eyebrows in tact for a longer time. I found this when I was in a Daiso branch in Sydney, Australia.

Once I started using it, I make sure I use it every time I draw my eyebrows. Hopefully this product comes back to Singapore again soon.

Eyebrow Pencil 

Speaking of eyebrows, my eyebrow pencil was running out and I decided to try one from Daiso. This one cost a fraction of the brand I usually use and works just as well. The eyebrow pencils come in various shades.

So who said that good things must be expensive, and that cheap things can’t be good? These Daiso products are value for money! 

I’ll be back with more loves from Daiso soon! 


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