Family Christmas Feast

Blessed and merry Christmas!!!

Not sure if it’s the same for every mummy, but I spent almost all day in the kitchen, preparing for the family Christmas feast. I’m glad I started in the morning because I could take breaks in between and enjoy the whole cooking process.


20131225-225551.jpg I love involving Phoebie when I cook because it gives her something interesting to do and it gets her interested in cooking.

20131225-231707.jpg I must say that I was surprised at the size of the “small” turkey we had ordered from Cold Storage. Thank goodness we didn’t order anything bigger.

20131225-231820.jpg This is Ben’s highly anticipated pork knuckle from the Christmas feast that Cold Storage offered.

20131225-231934.jpg While food was cooking in the oven, we took time off to Skype with Phoebie’s godparents, Sharon and Sebastian (picture left) and Sebastian’s family members who are now gathered in France for Christmas.

20131225-232126.jpg Tadah! The Koh family’s Christmas feast 2013! The oven was practically cooking something from morning till evening. Haha…

20131225-232237.jpg When I see family enjoying the food, I know it’s worth all the effort.




20131225-232421.jpg The kids had a good time playing together. Even baby Zachary enjoyed himself.


20131226-002154.jpg We are a few days away from our sister-in-law, Angeline’s birthday, so we figured we could do a little celebration for her too.

20131226-002331.jpg Thanks to the movie “Frozen” (which I highly recommend), Phoebie is into snowman, so I told her I would wrap her present in snowmen wrapping paper. As a result, she knew which present was hers and had been eyeing it all day. She really wanted to open it, so we let her and cousin Eva open the presents that were from Ben and I.





20131226-002659.jpg Baby Zack saw what was going on and started “grumbling”, so with some help, he opened his present too. Haha…

The kids continued to play together until it was time for everyone to go home.

After everyone left, I was surprised to find that we had more than half a turkey left! Haha… Thankfully, I already had plans for leftover turkey, however much or little there would be.

20131226-003005.jpg And so, the bone-and-meat-separation process started. I packed the bones and divided the meat into smaller portions.

20131226-003124.jpg And done! The upper two bags are the bones and the lower two bags are meat, packed into individual portions. The entire turkey was packed, so nothing went to waste (except for the skin).

What am I going to do with all that? Well, the bones will make excellent broth because of all the flavour. As for the meat, I can just take the individual portions and add them to any dish that turkey meat is suitable for, or I could just have turkey sandwich till I get sick of it. Haha…

The important thing is that I used freezer-safe ziplock bags and squeezed out whatever air I could get rid of. These packs will be stored in the freezer, so they will last longer than just a few days.

We’ve hosted two gatherings so far for this festive season, and we have 3 more to go this weekend. As much as I enjoy cooking, being pregnant makes standing in the kitchen for long periods a little challenging, so I’m happy that the next 3 gatherings are potluck-style. Haha…

For now, it’s “Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night”.