Today is the last of my fortnightly checkups with the gynae. After today, I can finally see him every 4 weeks.

I woke up early to get ready for the appointment and Phoebie was asleep the whole time. Just as I was going to leave the room, she woke up and we had a little conversation.

20131129-143713.jpg A few weeks ago, the gynae had told us that the baby is likely a boy, and though he wasn’t sure, we have been calling the baby Didi (little brother) ever since.

When I finally got to go for my appointment, I told myself that if baby wasn’t going to cooperate and show its gender, it’s okay and that I would wait till the detailed scan. Having lost Billie in March this year, Ben and I agree that what matters most is that the baby is healthy and normal.

As usual, my gynae was chatty and went about scanning my lower abdomin.

20131129-144126.jpg There the little one was, wriggling away as the gynae did the scan.

I decided to try and ask if the gynae could see the baby’s gender. If he had said no, I would have said okay, next time then. Instead, he kept quiet and on the screen, he zoomed in to an area, indicated an arrow and typed some letters.

20131129-144430.jpg I burst out laughing when I saw when the gynae had typed. What a way to answer my question. I laughed even harder when he said he kept seeing the penis as he was conducting the scan.

I told my gynae that I had no clue what to look for and he showed me exactly where to look.

And so, yes, we are having a boy. 🙂 Phoebie can continue calling the baby Didi for the rest of her life. Haha…

20131129-144707.jpg Here’s the ecstatic big sister when I showed her Didi’s “photo”. She curiously asked how the photo was taken and I explained how the doctor had conducted a scan and printed the picture so that she could see.

Perhaps I should bring Phoebie again for the next appointment. 🙂 That way, she can see the baby respond to her as she talks.

And thank God that everything is going well! I have graduated from fortnightly appointments to the normal 4 weeks!