Abbreviation Parents With Babies Learn

Right before Breyen was born, one of my friends who was pregnant at the same time as I was added me to a Facebook group where all the mummies were due in the same month and year. Up till then, I was never really a person who would join such groups or forums. Joining the group allowed me insight into how other mums cope and often times, I learn that I am not alone in the challenges I face.

Recently, I also joined a group where there’s buying and selling of baby-related or maternity-related products.

Joining these two groups confused me a little at first, because almost everyone uses abbreviations. It took me a while to figure out what was going on, and now that I know, I think it will be helpful to share the abbreviations and what they stand for. Most of them are really straightforward. Hopefully after reading this list, new parents or parents-to-be will be less confused than I was.

1. SAHM – stay at home mum

2. SAHD/SAHF – stay at home dad / stay at home father

3. FTWM – full time working mum

4. FTWD – full time working dad

5. WAHM/WFHM – work at home mum / work from home mum

6. WAHD/WFHD – work at home dad / work from home dad

7. IFC – infant care

8. CC – child care

9. LO – little one

10. BB – baby

11. BM – breast milk

12. FM – formula milk (aka milk made from milk powder)

13. EBM – expressed breast milk

14. FBM – frozen breast milk

15. BF – breast feed

16. TBF – total breast feed

17. DL – direct latch-on (feeding the baby directly from the mother’s breast)

18. JTS – just to share

19. MIL – mother in law

20. FIL – father in law

21. SIL – sister in law

22. BIL – brother in law

23. WTB – want to buy

24. WTS – want to sell

25. TIA – thanks in advance

26. YO – year old

27. MO – month old

28. BN – brand new (Usually used in a buy/sell situation. The products are new and not used before.)

29. PL – pre loved (Usually used in a buy/sell situation. The products are used or second hand. Pre-loved is a nicer way of putting it I guess.)

30. PM – private message

Do you know more abbreviations? Please share them with me 🙂