I Chose To Take A Break

The past few weeks have been crazy.

First, Phoebie had fever for a few days and the fever went away. Then Breyen has diarrhea and Phoebie vomitted and her fever came back. By the time they were both finally well, I started having sore throat and runny nose.

I had so many ideas in my head and I was itching to write, but I was simply too tired.

Phoebie is well and back in school, as Breyen is back to his jolly healthy self, but I am still nursing a dry cough.

It doesn’t help that I can see little piles of mess building up in corners of different rooms. It’s annoying to see those piles.

Yet, over the past few days, I have been taking naps with Breyen while Phoebie is in school. The mess in the house is mocking me in my face, but I knew what I needed more.

I chose to rest.

Even though there are piles of mail on the dining table, piles of toys in various corners and bags waiting to be unpacked, I decided to that I would take a nap. Not because I am lazy, but because I realized how badly I needed that hour or even 30 minutes of snooze.

Being well rested not only helps with my body fighting the cough and runny nose, but it also makes me a more patient mum.

I have realized how exhausted I can be, coping with two kids, packing up the house and making sure dinner is cooked (almost) every day. Just as children are cranky when they are tired, my fuse is much shorter when I don’t allow myself to rest.

So I chose to nap.

I chose to rest.

The mess around the house, as long as hygiene is still maintained, can wait for a little while.

I need my rest because I would rather give my children a more pleasant mum who wouldn’t snap at the slightest tantrum or whimper from them.