The Joy Of School Reopening –  A SAHM’s Relief

School has finally reopened after a four week break! I find great joy in knowing that my children will be back in school for a few hours every day again. I finally get back my daily portion of me-time while the kids are in school.

The irony of this is how much I had looked forward to spending time with my children together at the beginning of the June holidays. My elder child, Phoebie, was rejoicing the fact that she had four weeks away from school. I was rejoicing with her as we sat down to make a list of things we wanted to do together. While we didn’t manage to accomplish everything on the list, we managed to do most of what we had set out to do.

The first two weeks of school holiday was awesome. I would plan activities every day and Phoebie and I would enjoy each activity together. Alas, as the school holiday dragged on, I was beginning to get tired of having to repeat my instructions over and over again.

Phoebie and her brother, Breyen, got along great. However, as siblings would, they had their fair share of fights too. At times, I would step back and observe how they resolved their fights. Other times, I would step in to break them up before either one of them got hurt. 

On normal school days, I would have to look after both my children for about 12 hours a day, excluding their sleeping time. During school holidays, this duty goes on for as long as both my kids are awake. Trust me when I say, it is exhausting.

I was alone with my two children for the first three weeks of the school holidays. By the time husBenKoh’s leave from work started, I was tired. Phoebie was testing my limits minute after minute and day after day, she misbehaved the same way she had done the day before.

By the end of the last week of the school holiday, I could see that husBenKoh’s patience was wearing very thin. He had witnessed how I had to correct Phoebie about the same things time and again, and he had to do the same. We were worn out by how Phoebie couldn’t remember our instructions just one day later.

Don’t get me wrong though. 

We shared beautiful moments together too. I once corrected Phoebie about how she was treating her Brother after she made new friends at the playground and we saw her taking better care of her Brother the next time they went to the playground. We also had a good time at the Universal Studioes Singapore, as well as at a staycation at the end of the school holiday.

It was, however, the little moments in between when Phoebie forgot our instructions that got us mad. “Focus at meal time, don’t run in the mall even if other children are doing it, don’t roll your eyes when I am talking to you, do the right things at the right time,” I repeated over and over. 

By the time we got home from out staycation, I was really looking forward to school reopening. I badly needed to recharge and to have some time to myself, things I couldn’t do during the school holiday. 

I love my children and I want to teach them personally, and to share precious moments with them. But after four weeks of facing them 24/7, and feel like a broken tape recorder that repeats the same scoldings all day, I really like that school has reopened, and we can be back to our normal routine. Phoebie can spend time with her friends and learn new things in school, Breyen can once again enjoy his school’s playground and the little activities to help him explore, while I can have some time to get my sanity back.