No Text Is Worth The Risk

This simple message has been circulating on Facebook for the past few days and because it is something that has always been important to me, I would like to share it here too.

That’s right, no text is important enough to be replied while driving. Even if it’s your husband, your wife, your boyfriend, girlfriend, child, whoever. I admit that I take an occasional glance at my phone while stopping at a red light, but once the car moves, I keep my eyes on the road.

Road safety and alertness are of utmost importance, whether driving alone or with my loved ones. I want to be able to return home safely, and I don’t want to cause any danger to fellow road users too.

Texting can always wait till the car has stopped safely. Even if whoever is texting you may get mad from waiting, tell him or her that you were driving and didn’t want to risk road safety by having to press extra buttons and taking your eyes off the road. One split second on the road can be a matter of life and death.