Vacation Preparation – Packing The Luggages

It’s been a quiet week… Not. Haha…

We’re excitedly preparing for our upcoming trip to Japan! Because we are bringing both the kids with us, there’s loads to pack for the cold weather.

First things first, we had to decide how many luggages we wanted to bring. Winter clothes can take up quite a lot of space, plus I want to have luggage space to bring souvenirs home. At the same time, we had to bear in mind that on top of the luggages, we also have to bring one stroller and a couple of bags as carry-ons to the plane.

I started with wanting to bring three luggages but was eventually persuaded by the husband to bring just two. To be fair, he will be the one lugging the luggages around, so I better make sure he can manage with whatever we bring.

Next, to make sure we don’t forget or miss things out,

20141129-134650.jpg we made a list of items we are going to bring.

Then there is the packing. Two luggages to be shared by two adults and two kids, with winter clothes for everyone for more than a week’s stay, we really had to make sure we save space.

My husband has taught me many things, and one of the best things he has taught me is the art of space saving while packing a luggage. The method of rolling clothes and arranging them nicely in a luggage has been widely shared and used as a good way to save space. My husband’s method takes it to another level.

20141129-135103.jpg Those plastic bags next to Phoebie are large zip lock bags that my husband purchased at the army market.

20141129-135224.jpg He places all the neatly rolled up clothes in the zip lock bags and squeezes out as much air as he can before sealing the bags. Just like that, he managed to squeeze the whole family’s more-than-one-week’s worth of clothes into one luggage. Amazing right?

Two luggages for the whole family. What about space to bring back things that we buy?

20141129-135632.jpg Tadah! My bags for the “loot”. Empty bags to go, loaded bags to bring home. So this helps to save space on the “going” part of the trip. The husband will also have lesser bags to handle when we have to move around.

We’re almost all packed and all set to go. Looking forward to having a good time on our first family holiday!