Not The Usual CNY Eve

Yup, it certainly isn’t the usual cheery, highly anticipated CNY eve this year. In fact, with Pa in the hospital for so many days now, the festive season feels kind of depressing.

Because I already had my mani-pedi appointment booked weeks ago, I went for it anyway. I wanted something that would cheer me up.

20140130-231014.jpg Tadah! Once again, a job well done by Gwen from One-threenails. Seeing my nails all done up certainly helped to lift my mood.

After the nails were done, Ben, Phoebie and I went on our way to get lunch. We stopped at the red light and seconds after Ben stopped the car at the junction, we felt a bang from the back. A taxi had banged into our car.

Ben got out of the car to assess the situation while Phoebie and I waited. Thank goodness I had gotten into the habit of putting a cushion between the seat belt and my tummy whenever I am pregnant. However I did feel the jerk when the bang happened and when Ben came back into the car, I told him that I thought we had better check on the baby.

Ben got out of the car again to inform the driver who had banged into our car that we were going to have to make a report because I am pregnant and needed to check the safety of the baby. The driver wasn’t happy and said Ben wasn’t being a gentleman. I seriously wonder what reporting the case had to do with being a gentleman. Would he not want to check on the wife if his wife was pregnant and someone had banged into their car when she was in it?

Ignoring the driver’s protest, Ben called the police and an ambulance arrived shortly. We decided that Phoebie should go to the hospital with me, and the ambulance took Phoebie and I to KKH. Because I am in my second trimester, I was sent to the delivery ward.

And so, Phoebie waited in the room with me while the nurses hooked me up to do CTG. All I could think of was how hungry Phoebie must have been because it was already 3pm and she still didn’t have lunch. Thankfully, she waited patiently on the chair next to my hospital bed and watched whatever was on tv.

After an hour on the CTG machine, a doctor came in and told me I had no sign of contraction and that the baby’s movement and heartbeat were all okay. She proceeded to examine me and after some routine questions, told me everything was okay and I could go. I was only to return to the hospital if I experience any unusual discomfort over the next few days.

So finally at 4 plus in the afternoon, we went to have lunch, after which we went to the police station to make a report on what had happened.

What a day it had been…

I had to scrap my original plan of cooking dinner for my mum and we ended up just packing whatever food was available near the hospital where my dad is.

Reunion dinner is… not the usual. Because of my dad’s condition, my mum is there every day, so we made plans to eat with her at the hospital, so that she wouldn’t be lonely on an occasion like today.

This CNY eve is certainly not the best one and it was nothing short of drama. All I am thankful for is that we are all okay and we can be together.

May the coming Chinese New Year be a much better and happier one.

I definitely treasure every moment I get with people I love, Chinese New Year or not.