Reflecting on 2015

“Today is the last day of December,” I said.

“Last day?” Phoebie asked, running to the calendar, “You mean we are on the last day of this month.”

“Yes,” I confirmed.

“Oh yay! Then I get to flip to the first page again!” She said, both excitedly and innocently.

“No, Phoebie,” I told her, “I have to replace the calendar with a new one. You don’t just flip it back to the first page.”

“But… Why not?” She sounded confused.

“Because every year is different, and once the year is over, we cannot go back to the beginning. We have to change the calendar and start a new one for the new year,” I explained to my soon-to-be in K2 Daughter. Suddenly, it felt like I was also reminding myself that we cannot turn back time.

The last month of 2015 had been an eventful one. I travelled with my mum for the very first time in my entire life and got to experience a new culture in a foreign land with her, and with my Husband and kids. 

While that was a fun and exciting experience, the month got sadder after Christmas. I found out that some people I knew met with mishap and had been in utter shock for the past few days. Knowing about the accident shook me to my core and I prayed daily for those that are left behind. It also made me more determined to do more for and with my children because life had once again proven itself to be too unpredictable.

November was a month of pleasant surprises as my freelance job as an events emcee took flight. I totally enjoyed myself at every event that I hosted and explored new possibilities. It felt really good to be more than just Mummy Priscilla. I was also able to see that making the choice to a freelancer really suited me because I liked that I got to work only on some days of the month and still got to take care of my children. We also celebrated life and welcomed my godson into this world. What a joyous event that was!

October saw me learning some new things as a mum. I had to learn to cut my toddler son’s hair because he refused to get a hair cut at hair salons. I also learnt to make a different type of bread just because my daughter loved it. Indeed, parenthood is a journey that pushes me to keep on learning, often outside of my comfort zone.

In September, we had to fight the haze and we finally gave in to getting an air purifier because the kids fell sick. We also had to find ways to keep the children occupied while being confined indoors. This eventually led to the discovery how much both my kids loved to dance, because their favourite indoors activity was to play the dance game on Wii.

In August, we saw the celebration of our nation’s 50th birthday. It was also when we decided to “evict” Breyen from our bed and train him to sleep in his crib again. It was one of the hardest things we tried doing with him and to date, we have yet to train him completely. This is something that we will have to keep trying until he gets it.

In June and July, we made a trip to Sydney for our family holiday. It was also our first time time attending the Hillsong conference. While some people thought it was rather adventurous of my Husband and I to being the children for the conference, we found that it wasn’t too hard. The good facilities and programmes at the conference made it easy for us to cope and we all felt very blessed throughout the entire experience.

In May, well, May wasn’t exactly as eventful as the months that followed but it was a month to be grateful for. Every Mother’s Day, I am reminded of how my children make me who I am as a mum and for that, I am thankful.

In April, we celebrated Breyen’s first birthday. It was an event of mixed feelings. While I was glad that I had survived a year of being a mother of two and had proven that it is possible to do it without a domestic helper, I knew that it also marked the end of Breyen’s babyhood and he was racing to becoming a big boy. 

In March, we mourned the demise of Singapore’s founding prime minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Through the national mourning, we tried our best to teach Phoebie about Singapore and its history. She amazed us with how much she knew and how much she could remember from what her school principal shared with her.

In February, I met with an anthropologist from Sweden who was doing a paper about stay-at-home-mums in Singapore. It was an eye-opener to share different ideas with someone from a different culture about being a SAHM. 

In January, I bought a bread maker just because Breyen loved eating bread. That started me on many adventures and trials of new recipes, making all kinds of bread for family and friends.

As I took the decorations down from the Christmas tree today, I felt somewhat emotional. It felt like I was packing up all the feelings I had accumulated in the past year, particularly in this last month. 2015 was a year with a lot to be thankful for, and a lot of lessons to be remembered.

We gained friends in a particular family and lost them in the same year, not by choice. While there are many things that we cannot control or understand, we are reminded of how fragile and unpredictable life is. We cannot control everything but we can make decisions and do things that will make a difference.

2016 is a year that will bring me on more exciting experiences. A new baby will join our household (no, I am not pregnant), as I start to babysit my niece. Some people have said that this was a crazy decision but I know that I will be able to handle three kids. I know that it won’t be an easy feat but I know that by God’s grace, I will be fine.

2016 will also be a year of many new adventures for my identity as a freelance events emcee. As it is, I already have a number of bookings for the new year and I am very thankful for clients who trust me with their events. This is an area that I pray will continue to develop well and that I will balance well with family life.

As I end this, 2016 will be upon us in less than two hours and I will have to put up a new calendar. I can only pray that my family and I will continue to be kept safe and healthy, and that whether as a Wife, mum, Daughter, Sister or Friend, I will daily make decisions that do good and bless the people I encounter.