For The Love Of Daiso (Part IV) – Lint Remover

After Part I, Part II and Part III of sharing Daiso products that I love and discovered thanks to joining a Facebook group (We Love Daiso), I am dedicating this post to one of my favourite Daiso products now – the Lint  Remover!

Why is this one of my favourite Daiso products? I shall let the product, or at least the pictures of what the product did, speak for itself.

  I didn’t wear this sweater for quite a while because of the lint on it. After I used the lint remover in it, I am wearing it again.
 My daughter’s blanket before the lint remover.

Here it is after the lint remover worked its magic on it. From rough to smooth, just like when the blanket was new.

This is my mum’s pants. The left side is covered in lint and the right side has been cleaned by the lint remover.

This is why I love the lint remover!! For $2 and an additional cost of two AA batteries, it works magic and cleans up fabric that is covered by lint.

Maintenance for the Lint Remover

I have been using the lint remover so much that I have learnt to clean it up. When brand new, the lint remover is quite powerful when it is switched on. As lint is collected however, the little machine sometimes get weaker and removes lint slower. Even though it only costs $2, a little cleaning up allows the machine to go a long way.

This is the lint remover when it has done a certain amount of work. There is lint collected in the little bin that is attached.

When the lint remover sounds weak, I open the fan cover and the bin.

The loss of power can be caused by a big ball of lint stuck at the fan, so just a gentle and careful removal of the lint ball will help.

Another reason for loss of power could be due to lint collected at the under side of the fan.

Use the little brush that comes with the lint remover and brush out the lint. If the lint is unreachable by the brush, simply use a toothpick to pick out the lint.

Recap the fan cover and put the bin back and the lint remover should be good to go!

This way, this wonderful $2 product can last a longer time!



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