Mummy Priscilla is a blog I decided to start because I know I am not alone in my adventures and challenges as a Stay-at-home-mum, or even simply being a Mum for that matter.

I am blessed to have a husband who supports my stand to raise our daughter and son myself. 

Before our little girl, Phoebie, was born, we weighed our options of childcare, considering infant care, leaving Phoebie with either set of grandparents or looking for a nanny. I thought about how I was taken care of by a relative when I was young and while I don’t blame my parents for having to make such arrangements, I knew this wasn’t what I wanted for my own child.

At the end of the day, we decided that one of us should stay at home and take care of her. This was a huge decision because it meant giving up double income and relying on one of us to be the sole breadwinner. So I left my job as a counsellor, two weeks before Phoebie was born and started on my journey as a SAHM aka Stay-At-Home-Mum.

When our son Breyen was born, my husband and I occasionally discussed if I should return to full time work to supplement the finances at home. Eventually, both my husband and I decided against it. We are both not comfortable with employing a domestic helper, nor do we feel comfortable living with a stranger. We also wanted Breyen to be able to enjoy what his sister did – time with a stay-home-parent. We do however, have a part time helper who comes in on a weekly basis, so that I don’t have to worry about major household chores like washing the toilets and cleaning the windows.

Staying home with the children is a decision I certainly don’t regret. While things are not always easy, I know everything is worth it. I get to share every single milestone with my daughter and son, and my husband gets to see videos and photos that I take of them when he is at work.

Living on one income in a time where the price of everything inflates pretty fast isn’t always easy, but thankfully, we are able to make ends meet, and even pamper ourselves once in a while.

Occasionally, people ask me why I want to be a SAHM. “Don’t you worry you will get detached from what goes on in society?” or “Not scared you will become 黄脸婆 (yellow-faced woman)?”. “I don’t know how you stand facing your children 24/7,” or “I’d rather go back to work than face my children all the time.” These are some things I hear pretty often. My take on this? Well, everyone has a different preference, and for some, it’s circumstantial. I know of many Mothers who would love to be a SAHM, but can’t because they need to help bring home more income. Also, no, I do not feel detached from society just because I am home with my children most of the time. I keep myself current by watching or reading the news and I talk to people who are working full time. And no, I don’t worry I will become a 黄脸婆 because I make an effort to groom myself.

Parenting my children has been an interesting journey. Some days I seem to be on the right track with them, and other days, I just want to walk away. I’m not the most patient person around, but being a SAHM has certainly taught me a thing or two about it.

Every child is different and every parent has different styles of nurturing his/her child. My ways may not always be right and even if what I do works on Phoebie and Breyen, it may not work on another child. So the important thing is to customise a style that works well for the parent and child.

Now that Phoebie and Breyen are slightly older, I freelance as a events emcee. This gives me the flexibility of time, taking care of my childrenq most of the time and working when an event comes along. My emcee page can be found at www.facebook.com/priscillatheemcee .

When I am not emceeing, I also do some simple paper work and copywriting for some companies.

Oh, and when does a SAHM write her blog? She writes when the children are in school or sleeping. Hahaha… So there! =)


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