Curious Chef Knives For Kids

My firstborn, Phoebie has always loved watching me in the kitchen. Recently, I decided to let her help me with dinner preparation and she was overjoyed. 

As we made dinner together, I recorded the process, and edited each of our kitchen adventures into one minute videos. These videos have been shared on my Instagram (@MummyPriscilla) as well as my Facebook page

After a few times cooking together and nearly fainting because of how dangerous the way Phoebie use my knives can be, I decided that it was time to look for some child-safe knives for her. I googled and read a number of reviews and found what I thought would be good for Phoebie to use.

Enter the Curious Chef knives. 

The reviews show that it is decently sharp and because it is made of nylon, parents don’t have to worry that children will cut their fingers off when using them. 

I was really excited and tried to see whether I could find them in Singapore. Alas, no one (at least from my research) sells it here! I had to turn to, hoping and praying that the knives could be found there, and that it wouldn’t be too expensive.

And then I found the set of knives! The best news was finding out that Amazon ships this to Singapore. (If anyone is interested, the link to this is here.)

The whole set, plus shipping costs (with current exchange rates) cost about SG$22. I thought that was a pretty good deal for a set of knives that would give me lesser worry when Phoebie helps in the kitchen. So I placed my order.

The set of knives arrived a couple of weeks after I ordered them and Phoebie was super excited.

The knives look like they are just a set of plastic knives, so we had to put them to the test.

Phoebie tested the knives personally and I recorded what she did, cutting through different ingredients with her new kitchen tools.

These photos are the results of her cutting through each ingredient.

She successfully cut the meat with the exception of the fats. Phoebie doesn’t have a very good cutting technique yet, so while she was cutting the meat, it looked more like she was trying to saw through it.

For fish, Phoebie was able to cut through the flesh easily. The skin, however, was difficult to cut through even though she tried for a while.

Phoebie managed to cut through all the vegetables with her Curious Chef knives. The knife even cut through a plastic bag in which contained some enoki mushrooms.

After watching Phoebie “saw” through the meat, I decided to test the Curious Chef knives myself.

The knives are fairly light, so it is easy for little hands to lift them.

Other than the corn on cob and fish skin, I was able to cut through the other ingredients with ease. I concluded that while these knives are safe for children to use, the sharpness is compromised on some levels because the knives are made of nylon and not metal. So children who do not have a good cutting technique make take some time to cut ingredients.

If you ask me though, I think the sharpness is adequate for a child’s use. I am willing to compromise the sharpness for safety. When the kids are ready, we can eventually graduate them from these nylon knives to actual knives with metal blades.

Now, with these knives, I look forward to more kitchen adventures with Phoebie, and eventually with my son (who is younger).