Trip to Universal Studios Singapore

We went to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) today! Hahaha.. Thanks to a special rate that the husband is entitled to, this is our 2nd time to USS. The last time we went was when USS had the “Have breakfast with Sesame Street Characters” package. We didn’t go early in the morning because Phoebie took a while to get out of bed.

We went in after lunch and boy was it hot today!! We had to make sure that everyone drank water and stayed hydrated. Still, despite the hot weather, we all had fun. =)
There we go, beginning our outing.

One of the reasons we decided to bring Phoebie to USS again was this ride. The last time we were here, the ride wasn’t open yet. Alas, Phoebie was a few centimetres shy of the minimum height requirement and couldn’t go in. =( We will have to wait till she is taller to bring her back.

Missing this ride made us realise that there are many things Phoebie won’t be able to enjoy yet because of her height. So that was a bit of a bummer.

While our friends Nick and Lina tried out the ride, we walked on to wait for them and saw the band performance.

Here’s Phoebie and Ben enjoying the music. We took the chance to ask Phoebie to try and identify the sounds that the instruments were making.

We walked around for quite a while and by then, the heat was getting to us. We were quite relieved when we got to Far Far Away because we found a place to “hide” from the heat.

We went to watch the 4D Shrek show!! Hahaha… It certainly helped us cool down with water sprinkling on us from time to time.

When we came out from the show, we “bumped into” Pinocchio and queued up to take pictures.

We had gotten a show schedule from one of the staff and we tried to catch shows according to the time table. So after taking pictures with Pinocchio, we were in time for the show at Water World.

I must say that I really enjoyed the show. The pyrotechnics were great and the actors interacted well with the audience. Phoebie was clinging on to Ben’s arm throughout the show, probably a little frightened by the sound effects. She was otherwise okay.

After the show, we wanted to bring Phoebie for the Sesame Street show, since she loved a lot of characters from it. But en route to the show, we brought her for the Madagascar ride because we had some time to spare.

The last time we were at USS, we tried to let her take the ride too but she was too frightened and refused. What a difference a few months make! This time, she totally loved the ride!ImageImage

She loved the ride so much that she sat on it twice in a row! Thankfully, the queue was not long and the staff in charge allowed Phoebie to stay where she was. =)

While on the second time of the ride, I told Phoebie that it was the last time and we were going to see Sesame Street show after that. Preparing her that way always helps because she knows what to expect next.

So after she was done with the ride, we brought her for the show.

There she was, mesmerized by the singing and dancing. =)

After the show, there was time to take photos with the characters. We brought Phoebie to queue for Elmo, thinking that was what she wanted. As we were queuing, Phoebie said she wanted Ernie. So we moved to the Ernie queue instead. But because of time limit for photo-taking, I wondered if we would ever get to Ernie.

Alas, just as the person in front of us went for her turn, the staff in charge shouted, “Last shot! No more!” Oh no!!

Thankfully, the staff turned and saw us with Phoebie. She gestured us to quickly go to Ernie, and so we got our photo with Ernie, becoming the last shot instead. Hahaha…

Phoebie saw Ernie pose and look what she did. Hahaha…

By the time we were done with that, it was almost 4pm, so we told Phoebie it was time to take a break and nap for a while. She reluctantly rested in her stroller, saying “I don’t want to nap, I want to play some more.” I was tempted to give in, but I knew she needed that rest.

While she was napping, we remained at the Sesame street restaurant area because we had found the perfect spot with the a/c blowing. Hahah… We sat there to rest and made sure Phoebie was getting good ventilation while she napped.

Phoebie must have been exhausted because she continued to sleep, even with the performance of the B Boys right next to us.

I thought it was interesting that this group attracted a much bigger crowd than the Sesame Street guys. Hahaha…

We were close to the Parade time and decided to stay put to wait for the Parade to come to where we were.

This was our first time seeing the Parade, and I must say that it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. And, where are the Sesame Street guys? Hahaha… Why are they not in the Parade?

Phoebie slept through the entire Parade and only woke up when we were leaving as the Parade ended. Hahaha…

We didn’t get to sit on a lot of rides and the weather was crazy hot, but the company was what made the outing great. Thanks Nick and Lina for going with us and accomodating our limitation of choices. Thanks also for queuing with us under the hot sun and for taking beautiful photos for us.

Until the next outing! =)