For The Love of Daiso (Part III)

After writing two articles (Part I and Part II) to share about Daiso products that I love, I’m back with more! Here we go!

Plastic Chain with Hook    

I know I know, this is an ordinary product. There are many ways to use this plastic chain and I’m sharing this one because of what I used it for.


Tadah! With the help of two 3M hooks, I hung it on the wall to organise my little girl’s hair bands! I did this because I always can’t remember how many hair bands she has. With them hanging on the wall, I can now help her match her clothes accordingly. I only used one chain, which means it only cost me $1 (plus the more expensive cost of 3M hooks). 

Bicycle Cover  

I was really happy when someone shared this product in the Facebook group (We Love Daiso). My little girl’s bicycle is kept in the living room and it looks rather out of place. I have been trying to conceal or hide it and even used towels to cover it.


And covered! I love the stars! 

Oh, and the cover prevents my little boy from going over to meddle with the bicycle. Out of sight, out of mind. Haha… $2 well spent.

Daiso also has bicycle covers for adult bicycles.

 Wheat Flour Modeling Dough This is basically like a cheap alternative to playdoh. $2 for 10 colours and kids get to explore and use their imagination. There is another set that comes with 7 colours, a few moulds and a roller. 


This was what the little girl did with her dough. 

The dough – $2

Many times of creative fun – priceless


Daiso has a rather interesting toys section. While not every toy is as durable as one hopes for them to be (I have heard of some toys breaking very fast), some are really worth the money. Take this hairdresser set for instance. 

My little girl loved that she can be a hairdresser to her toys and me. $2 only and she gets to explore an occupation.

Haircut Cape  
I have yet to use this but I love that I found this in Daiso. Whenever I trim the kids’ hair, I worry about the hair dropping into their clothes and having to clean them up after. This $2 cape will now prevent the hair I cut from dropping into their clothes.

Water Dumbbell I know I know, I might as well buy proper weights or water bottles. But the thing is, weights are expensive, and honestly, it’s not easy to get a good grip on water bottles while working out. 

Enter, the water dumbbell. Just put water in and it’s a weight I can use for simple exercises at home. I got a pair of them, so $4 for my home workouts!

Chopping Board Stand It’s been a while since I started looking for something to hold my chopping board. Every time after I wash it, leaning it against the wall has resulted in mildew forming and it is annoying. 

With the chopping board stand, I know for sure that the bottom of the chopping board will be dry too.

Daiso has this in a few designs. I chose this one because it looks most sturdy to hold the weight of my chopping board. $2 to ensure that my chopping board will dry and won’t topple.

That’s all I have for Daiso products. Until my next shopping trip! 



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