FREE Hi5 ‘Live’ at United Square – 11th June to 23rd June 2015

If you haven’t already heard, popular Australian sing-and-dance group Hi5 is in town! The best news is, they are doing free shows ‘live’ at United Square!     


There are three shows daily, and there are so many days!

My experience with this show
We brought the kids for the show today, and since it is the June holidays, I had already planned to be there early to make sure I can get good seats for Phoebie. I didn’t want to rush after lunch, so my plan was to go early for the 5pm show.

I told Phoebie that she would have to nap in the stroller, so that she would be energized to enjoy the show.  

While the meet and greet session for the 2.30pm show was still going on, I was already seated at the very first row right in front of the stage, waiting for the 5pm show. I know it sounds very kisasu, but believe me, I’m glad I did this.

The workers told me that they had to sweep and vacuum before the next show, so I got up and then went back to sit at the same spot right in front of the stage the moment they told me they were done.

Meanwhile, Ben looked after the kids, with Phoebie napping in the stroller and Breyen in the carrier. At the same time, he queued up to get the pass for the meet and greet session after the show.

After Phoebie woke up, I told Ben to give some snacks to her before she joined me where I was seated. 


A super happy Phoebie came to join me while Ben then let Breyen nap in the stroller.


Ben took this picture from the 2nd floor of the mall about 30 minutes before the 5pm. Looking at the crowd, I was extremely glad that I had sat down really early to reserve a spot right in front of the stage.  

At 5pm, Hi5 came on and sang and danced for a good 20 minutes! All the kids (and some adults like me) in the audience sang and danced along as Hi5 sang songs from their TV show. 


The entire 20 minutes was high energy, loud and really fun. In fact, because of how near I was to the stage, I could see how much perspiration each Hi5 member had on their faces. So yes, they were using all their might to entertain the kids!  

 Phoebie was so star-struck that she just watched in awe. 

She finally got on her feet to join in the dancing about 2/3 through the show.

After the show, we queued for the meet and greet with the pass that Ben had collected earlier. 


Phoebie told me that she wanted to say hi to Stevie and Dayen, so she was really happy when she got to sit with them.

By the time we were done with meet and greet, it was about 5.45pm, so we decided to stay at United Square and have dinner. I thought about how much time we needed to have dinner, and figured we might as well stay on for the 7pm show, even though Hi5 would be singing the same songs again. The show is free after all, and most importantly, Phoebie will enjoy herself.

This time though, I didn’t stress myself about getting seats right in front of the stage. I simply finished dinner and went to reserve seats at wherever the crowd has formed. At about 45 minutes before the 7pm show, I got seats at about the halfway line of the carpeted area, which was still quite good. Phoebie finished dinner, made a trip to the bathroom and came join me again. 

While we were waiting for the show to started, I chatted with another mum who was sitting behind us. She asked me if we wanted a meet and greet pass because she had two and her friend wasn’t coming. Phoebie said yes, so thanks to the kind mum, we got to take photos with Hi5 again after the 7pm show.


The best part is that this time, our whole family can be in the picture with Hi5. 

Things to Note

Anticipate a crowd – I mean, it’s Hi5!! And it’s a free show!! And it’s the school holidays now!! So there’ll definitely be a crowd. I’m glad I made plans to go to the mall early to reserve seats so that Phoebie can see Hi5 up close.

No food and drinks allowed – I’m guessing that this is to prevent any spillage or dirtying of the carpet, which will cause the staff more time to clean up between shows, so this is understandable. The staff are quite strict about enforcing the rule too. I saw them ask a kid to put her snack away as the kid ate while waiting. This is also why it helps to have more than one adult go together with the kid(s). While one is reserving seats, the other can bring the kid(s) for food while waiting for the show to start.

Meet and Greet pass collection – Passes are only issued to the first 50 people in line one hour before the show. A receipt of minimum $50 purchase from a shop in United Square has to be presented to get the pass. The queue starts from the right side of the stage.

A Free ‘Live’ Show Worth Attending

If you had been to the last Hi5 ‘live’ show at MBS, you would know that tickets for the show are not cheap. Good seats cost more than $100, so multiply that by the number of people going for the show, and you get a big expense.

This free ‘live’ show at United Square, while isn’t as long as the paid show, is still a full 20 minutes (or so). The energy level definitely isn’t any lower and kids have loads of fun. 

Also, the shows go on for more than 10 days, three times a day, so all it takes is some planning and shuffling of the schedule to bring the kids for at least one show. 

For me, it was a trip worthwhile because I know my Phoebie had a wonderful time and she was so happy she got to meet Hi5.


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