ELC Sale at Seletar Mall – Now till 28th Feb 2016

I love toys from the shop ELC. The quality is really good and most of them are very educational. Even though I love their toys, I don’t shop there very much because the toys are expensive. Well, quality suff do come at a price. 

My eyes popped a little yesterday when I walked past the ELC outlet at The Seletar Mall. Together with Mothercare next door, it was having a sale. I had some time, so I decided to check the sale out. What I found was delightful, not only to my eyes but to my wallet too. 

The outlet was having a 10% store wide sale. I know 10% is not a very big discount. What’s big is the discount on their selected items. I’m sharing some of those that caught my attention.

This adorable hospital is usually $89. It is now going for only $40!

This shopping tent is usually $93. It is now going for only $35!!

All these floor puzzles are only $10 each!

This race track is only $12!

This car transporter with cars in it is usually $49. It is now only $20!


This lights and sounds emergency centre comes with three magnetic vehicles and is only $30!

This little shop is usually $66 and is now only $25!

This cash register is only $35.

This hair styling set is usually $36. Now it is only $15!


This carriage set is only $10!

This mini pet shop is usually $33 and is now only $15!

This toy, well, the picture speaks for itself.

This was my favourite part of the sale. The “Melissa & Doug” items are usually $9.90 each. At the sale, after some math, each item only costs about $4.

So with the great discounts going on, I decided to look through the shop and buy some toys I usually can’t bear to spend money on. I gave myself a budget of $100 and then…

I went home with a big bag!

I spent exactly $100 on all these! Hahaha… I have 20 items here, so it works out to $5 a piece. (For the record, I bought so many of the same things because I am stocking up for my son’s birthday goody bag for his classmates). On a normal day, the cheapest item among what I bought would have cost $9.90. So I know I definitely saved a lot this time.

Christmas may be 10 months away, but if you have the space at home, it is worth considering stocking up some quality ELC products. The sale ends on 28th February 2016!