For The Love Of Daiso (Part VI) – Christmas Special 

As I write this, Christmas is only one week away. If you are in a hurry to buy things in preparation for Christmas and you don’t want to spend too much, check out this list of items you can get from Daiso.



If you don’t believe in spending too much on Christmas tree ornaments, Daiso has quite a range you can choose from. Personally, I like to plan the decorations on the tree slightly differently every year, so spending too much doesn’t make sense. Small items from Daiso work out to be a good deal.

Presents Wrapping


If you don’t have time to wrap presents, get some gift boxes from Daiso, put the gift in and put the lid on. It may not feel economical to spend $2 on a box (if you have 10 presents, that means $20 on wrapping alone), but it is a convenient way to make your gift look presentable. It helps that Daiso has the boxes in different shapes, sizes and designs, so you have many choices.

If you have already wrapped your presents but you just want to add a little something to make the present look nicer, Daiso has a lot of gift ribbons to choose from too.



Christmas stockings, like any Christmas decoration, is only used during the festive season. I, for one, don’t believe in spending too much on it because it will be kept in the storeroom most of the time. $2 per stocking, with a variety to choose from, I would think that’s quite a good deal.

Christmas Hats & Hairbands


Christmas parties are of few times of the year when people will dress up for the occasion. Again, it probably doesn’t make sense (and cents) to spend too much on the festive accessories because you will only use it at Christmas. Daiso’s range of hats and hairbands are only $2 each and there are so many designs to choose from! Even my kids felt spoils for choice when I brought them to pick out their own hair pieces.

 Christmas Tree


No, not the big 1.8m kind, but a smaller, table top kind. If there isn’t much space at home and the kids have been wanting a Christmas tree, this is a very good option.

Hosting a Christmas party but you don’t have time or space for Christmas tree decoration, but you want something to create the festive mood? Daiso has ready-decorated trees too. Just pay $4 ($2 for the tree and $2 for the little decorations) and you have an easy add-on for the party next week!

Nail Art


This one took me by surprise. I was hosting a Christmas party for a local company and had wanted to get some Christmas designs on my nails, but I didn’t have the time to go for a manicure. Then I spotted this at Daiso and decided to buy and try.

I would like to think that it all turned out pretty well. While the sizing of the peel-and-stick nail art needed some trimming to fit onto my nails, the application was fast and the nail art lasted me for more than one week. Bear in mind that I am a mum and I do a lot of washing. For something on my nails to last for more than one week (and isn’t gel manicure) is amazing.


So there you have it, quick and cheap Christmas items from Daiso!

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