Crazy Deal At Cold Storage

There are things that we sometimes think of buying but always end up deciding against it because it doesn’t feel like it’s worth the money. This item is one of them and now Cold Storage has it at what can only be called a crazy deal.


See these nice Disney character fans? They come with some candy at the base and are usually sold at $3.90 each. I would usually refuse to buy them because I could do a lot better with $4 and chances are, the kids get bored with these after a while. 

Here’s the crazy deal now. Cold Storage supermarket is now selling it at 3 for $1.99. That’s right! It’s cheaper to buy 3 than to even buy just one! If this isn’t a crazy deal, I don’t know what is.

There are only 4 different characters to choose from but it’s still a good deal. If your kid has ever asked to buy this and you have rejected their request because you feel that it is expensive, now is a good time to buy it. The deal is on now till 11th June 2015.