Nagomi Art Class

During the one week September holiday, I went for an art class with Phoebie. I have to be honest that I initially had no idea what I signed up to attend. A friend had shared on Facebook that she was looking for people to form a group so that there would be enough people to do a one time art class. All I read was art class, and I signed up for Phoebie and myself.

It wasn’t until the day arrived that I slowly figured out what kind of art class I had signed Phoebie and I up for.

The class was conducted at the home of the art teacher, and her home was nicely decorated with all her art work. It was also then that I was introduced to the teacher, Audrey.

Audrey very patiently explained the art form and the basic material needed to do what is called the Nagomi Art. Nagomi Art is basically an art that is from Japan and artists use their fingers to paint with soft pastel. (You can find out more about Nagomi Art here.)

Because it was our first time, Audrey took some time to go through the basics with us and explained each material. She then showed us samples of her own art pieces and asked us what we would like to try.

I have to say that I was super thankful for how patient Audrey is. Phoebie was rather impatient throughout the explanation of the material and all, and I knew she couldn’t wait to start doing this new art in front of her. Audrey, who is a mum herself, understood that Phoebie was just excited about the activity, and answered Phoebie’s questions.

When we got started, Phoebie, who obviously didn’t hear half the instructions because she was just too excited, needed more guidance as she put her hands to create her own Nagomi Art. Audrey went through the steps with Phoebie again and showed her how to get things done.

I had expected the lesson to be only about one hour, but I was pleasantly surprised at how long we ended up staying for. I say pleasantly surprised because I felt like being able to do more than one piece of creation helped us to learn and remember the basics better.

While we were at this introductory class, my friend Dawn, Phoebie and I all created 3 pieces of art work each.

Here’s our teacher, Audrey (on the extreme left), and the small class of us.

I was so intrigued by what I had learnt at the class that I decided to get all the basic material so that Phoebie and I could continue practising the Nagomi Art at home.

It’s only been slightly more than a week since we went for the introductory class to Nagomi Art, and we have done at least 3 sessions at home. Even though we only have the very basic set of soft pastels from Daiso for now, I would like to think that Phoebie and I have been able to create quite a bit of art.

Here are some of Phoebie’s pieces so far:

And here are some of mine:

I like the Nagomi Art because, as Audrey would say, there is no right or wrong when you create Nagomi Art. You can create the picture in your mind with any colour you want.

In terms of colours, I think Phoebie has been more adventurous than me. I think it is good for Phoebie because it encourages her to think out of the box and of the norm, and to be creative.

As for me, I find Nagomi Art to be a good form of art therapy and it helps me to relax, especially after long parenting days. Doing the art can be a little messy (soft pastel powder and all), but I actually don’t mind the mess because the process is calming, and I can create whatever I want.

If anyone is interested, you can search “Art Peace with Audrey Ng” on Facebook and link up with her for lesson enquiries.


(Nagomi Art is not suitable for children who are too young. I would like to think that the child has to be at least 6 or 7 years old to do this.)

P.S. – Special thanks to Dawn for sharing about the class!