It’s Here!

The couch is here! The couch is here! The couch is here!!! Hahaha…
Finally, there’s something comfy we can sit on to watch tv!

20130930-225030.jpg Phoebie wasted no time in getting cosy on our new couch. It’s supposed to be maroon but Phoebie calls it the brown couch.


20130930-225140.jpg What a difference the couch makes to the space in the living room. In Ben’s words, now this looks like a home. We certainly look forward to wonderful gatherings and simply relaxing at the couch.

20130930-225355.jpg Oh, after the couch was delivered, I decided to let the irobot do its rounds. This was my first time seeing it in action since we came back.

Once again, I am thankful that the husband decided to get an adapter that converts the irobot from US use to Singapore use. This helps so much if I don’t have time to clean the floor.

And I must say, I think the irobot is doing better on my tiles than it ever did on my carpet when we were in the US. Or maybe it’s just because I can see the cleaning and the difference in cleanliness better on tiles than on carpet. Whatever the case, I’m glad it’s doing some work for me.

20130930-225759.jpg Phoebie finally got to draw on the mirror today. I’m glad she had fun because that was the main reason we decided to get the mirror.

20130930-225908.jpg I was chatting with my friends, Sharon and Jinny, who had come over for dinner. Phoebie decided that she had to join us and insisted on sitting at the dining table with us. Haha…

Well, the biggest news today is still, the couch is here! 🙂