YouTube Kids Has Arrived!

Like it or not, a lot of kids have found their way to using YouTube. They use it to view cartoons, educational videos and while doing that, they may unknowingly tap on videos that are not suitable for their age. 
Personally, I love YouTube because I can find a lot of educational videos there that may not be available on local TV. I must admit though, that I am not always able to keep an eye on my kids while they are on YouTube and if they accidentally tap on videos that are not suitable for kids, I may only realise when I hear the sounds coming from the video.

The other challenge I face with YouTube videos is time limit. It can be hard to get kids to end their YouTube sessions.

Enter YouTube Kids, the latest video app in town that is for kids!

I have just downloaded it and explored it a little, and I love it!

This is what the app looks like on the App Store.

Tadah! Downloaded!

The next few photos will show you what it is like to do the setup for YouTube Kids:

After you have tapped on “I agree”, you, or rather your child, is almost all set to go. If there are settings you still want to customise, simply tap on the lock symbol to access more controls.

Every time you tap on the lock symbol, a passcode is required. The default way of entering a passcode will be easy for a child who can already read to access, so if your child already knows how to read, it would be good to choose the “Set My Own Passcode” option.

Once the passcode has been entered, the options that can be customised will appear.

This is what the Settings page looks like.

And this is what the timer page looks like. The timer can be set anywhere from one minute to 120 minutes.

When there is only two minutes left on the timer, a reminder will appear at the bottom of the screen.

When the preset time is up, the app locks out,

And goes to sleep.

The only way to “wake” the app up is by entering the passcode.

So far, the videos selected by the YouTube Kids team look great. The variety of videos and shows available for kids is not as extensive as the original YouTube app yet, but I believe there will be more in time to come.

Two of my favourite features on this app are the video preference setting, where you can choose to see videos for different age groups, and the timer setting. With the ability to choose videos for different age groups, I can set the app differently for my two children. The timer setting will shut the app down even if I forget how long the children have been on the app.

Time for me to go back to the app to customise my settings!

(This is not a sponsored post.)


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