Not My Time But yours

Phoebie has a bad habit that i cannot stand. She tends to dilly dally whenever there are things to be done. Whether it’s her homework, chores or when she is drawing, she has a tendency to be distracted easily.

Whenever i catch her playing with her stationery when she is supposed to be doing her work, i will remind her, again and again, that it is better to focus and finish her work. That way, she will have more time to rest and relax after she is done.

Sometimes, when reminders don’t work, i resort to setting a timer for her. Most of the time, this trick works.

This day, Phoebie was getting distracted again. This time, it was with her chores. She was supposed to fold her laundry, and the clothes had been sitting in the living room for two days. I wanted her to finish up so I could have the space in my house back.

Before we got home from lunch, I went through her “to do” list.

“Phoebie, when we get home, please finish folding your clothes and put them away. After that, look through your spelling list. Once you are done with these two, you can go and do that craft work you have been wanting to try,” I instructed.

Phoebie nodded and immediately started on her laundry when we got home.

However, after folding a piece of clothing or two, she started to get distracted again. She either fiddled with her hair bands or whatever else that was near her. As i did my chores, i observed her and started to remind her to focus.

After a while, I decided that enough was enough and I told her, “Phoebie, this is my last reminder. Focus and finish what you have to do. That way, you have more time for your craft work. I’m not going to remind you anymore because i think i have reminded you enough.”

As i carried on with my chores, Phoebie could sense that she might be getting intro trouble because of the way she was doing things.

“Sorry, Mama, for getting distracted, and taking my own sweet time to finish folding the clothes,” she said as she approached me.

“You don’t have to be sorry to me,” I replied, “When you choose to get distracted and take a long time to finish your chores, you are not wasting my time. You are wasting your own time. So if you are sorry, you should be sorry to yourself and not me.”

Phoebie kept quiet and went back to her chores. Shortly after, she got all her chores done and even went through her spelling list quickly.