Three Year Old’s Photo Shoot

Back when Phoebie was three years old, she had a photoshoot at the studio where husBenKoh and I did our pre-wedding photo studio. We didn't have any intentions for the shoot, but the studio offered to do it for Phoebie for free, so we agreed.

This year, my Son, Breyen, turned three. I suddenly realised that it would be nice if he too, had a photoshoot done at three years old. We didn't want to ask the same studio for a free shoot, so we started looking around.

Through one of my friends, I got to know Pei Wen of Picture with Love. Pei Wen's wife, Tian Ru, is my friend's ex school mate and they had done a newborn photo shoot for my friend's baby. I thought the photos were lovely and decided to contact Pei Wen.

While Pei Wen usually does photoshoot for newborns, he agreed to take on my son's three year old commemorative studio photoshoot! I asked Pei Wen for his charges and he said that he would do it for free as he does photography as a hobby and not as a job. I was pleasantly surprised and felt very blessed.

So the date and time were set and my family made our way to Pei Wen's home studio. (He told me that for newborns, he would go to the model's home.)

Pei Wen's home studio was not big, but it was definitely well equipped. One chinese idiom came to my mind when I saw his studio – 麻雀虽小,五脏俱全 (loosely translated as, a sparrow may be small but it has all the vital organs). The room is not big, but it is cosy and it has all the equipment you will find at a professional studio.

We brought some of Breyen's toys along so that he would be engaged and entertained during the photo shoot.

While Pei Wen took most of the photos and moved the lighting equipment from time to time, his wife, Tian Ru, would help to direct Breyen's attention for the optimal shot to be taken.

I have to say that while it was challenging at times to keep Breyen at one spot (the restrictions of a studio shoot for a three year old), Pei Wen and Tian Ru made it really easy for husBenKoh and I. They assured us that it was okay and that they understood that the three year old probably wouldn't sit still for long.

Pei Wen and Tian Ru have three children themselves, so they know exactly how it is like when a three year old suddenly wants to run off and do something else.

Later, during our WhatsApp conversation, Pei Wen revealed that Tian Ru would be the "baby whisperer" whenever they did a newborn photoshoot and Pei Wen's job was to get the shots.

So thanks to Pei Wen and Tian ru, here are some of Breyen's photos from his studio photoshoot:

I have to say, for someone who insists that he does photography as a hobby and does not want to charge money for the shoot, Pei Wen did a wonderful job capturing our precious three year old's cheeky moments! The photos are commemorative indeed!

(Tian Ru took some of the photos too, so good job too, Tian Ru!)

With the newborn and family photography industry being so competitive in Singapore, Pei Wen and Tian Ru are truly a gem. I can only imagine how blessed the families they work with are.

Thank you, Pei Wen and Tian Ru, for these beautiful pictures you have captured for us!


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