Fresh Air Helps

After fetching both kids from their schools, I was looking forward to going home. Still exhausted from a whole weekend of hosting a Roadshow, I wanted to go home and lie down.

I was hoping that it would be a peaceful drive home but it was not meant to be.

For some reason, Breyen decided that he wanted to kick his sister, so Phoebie started crying. I threatened Breyen with some punishment and he too, started crying.

My wish for a peaceful drive home was gone. I had a crying duet in the car and it was getting on my nerves. At the same time,  I didn’t want to scream at both my kids because it won’t only make them cry even louder. At the same time, I was still resting my voice after talking at work for two days straight.

I decided to roll down all the windows.

As we stopped at a traffic light, I told the kids, “You want to cry? Make sure all the cars next to us can hear you.”

As the light turned green, I continued driving. Within a minute, both Phoebie and Breyen stopped crying. I looked at the rear view mirror. Both of them were looking out of the window.

(This was taken when I stopped at another red light.)

Not sure if it was the noise coming from the road or the wind blowing on their faces, but I got what I wanted. A peaceful drive home.

Perhaps the fresh air helps. 


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