Gardens By the Bay’s Children Festival 2017

The March holidays is half gone, and I have been trying to keep both my kids occupied. HusBenKoh was on leave both on Monday and Tuesday, so we managed to have some precious family time together. 

One of the things I had wanted to bring the children for was the Children’s Festival at Gardens By The Bay. I had heard about it on the radio and thought that it would be fun for the children to go for it.

Because of napping schedules, we decided to go in the evening and it turned out to be a great arrangement! Phoebie and Breyen took part in the Dye-nosaur Gardens activity and had to walk all over the entire Gardens By the Bay, so the evening visit meant that the weather was cool and conducive for the long walk.

The first thing we did when we arrived at Gardens By the Bay was to get this activity book from the visitors’ centre.

In this activity book was a map to tell us where the dye-nosaurs and their eggs can be found.

There is also a quest that the kids can take part in and once they have collected all the stamps needed, they could go to the gift collection station and get a gift.

After figuring out what we had to do, we started on our quest to look for dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs.

The kids were amazed at how big the dinosaurs were. 

One of the things that Phoebie enjoyed most was finding out interesting facts about each dinosaur.

The main activity in the activity book involved looking for dinosaur eggs placed all over Gardens By The Bay. At each egg station, we had to stamp certain pages in the activity book and complete the tasks given. Phoebie was really excited about finding the eggs and collecting the stamps, and she tried her best to find the locations by referring to the map.

Every time we found a dinosaur egg, she would go to the station excitedly and tried complete the tasks on the pages.

Breyen was clueless about the tasks involved, but he was certainly curious about what was in the colourful eggs. While his sister found joy in completing the tasks, Breyen was having fun looking at interesting things.

As soon as we had collected all the stamps and solved the mystery of the “magic word”, we headed to the collection booth where Phoebie got her prize.

Needless to say, Phoebie was super happy that she had walked the trail, stamped the pages and completed the tasks to earn her prize.

Other than the Dye-nosaur Gardens activities, there was also game stations operated by a vendor hired by Gardens by The Bay, so there is lots to do at this Children’s Festival.

Here are some things I took note of for the Dye-nosaur Gardens activities:

1. Try to go in the evening. It is much cooler because there is a lot of walking involved.

2. Wear a good pair of walking shoes. (This was something I regretted not doing.)

3. Consider planning a picnic for after the activities. There’s lots of space to enjoy the night view of the Super Trees after the children are done with the dinosaur trail.

4. Going in the evening means that the trail may end after dark. The dinosaurs and eggs look even better then.

5. One of the best parts about the Dye-nosaur activities is, it’s FREE!

Both Phoebie and Breyen enjoyed this outing and activity tremendously. At Phoebie’s age (she’s seven this year), she is able to read the instructions and attempt the tasks on her own and it gave her a sense of accomplishment. For Breyen (who is turning three soon), he enjoyed the opportunity to run around and look at what may be peculiar objects to him.

As we took this family photo, it was 9pm and the lights at the signs had just been switched off. We did a lot of walking together and explored the Gardens as a family. This Children’s festival certainly made our family day a fun one! 
*This is not a paid advertorial.


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