A Lesson On Paying It Forward

In the blink of an eye, my little boy has grown from an infant into a toddler. Now that he is two and a half years old, and sharing a room with his elder sister, we don’t need his baby crib anymore.

HusBenKoh and I were contemplating selling it as a secondhand furniture but after much thinking, I decided that we would give it away.  I have never been very comfortable with selling our used and preloved items, and I knew we could definitely bless the baby crib to someone who needs it.

I got in touch with the Social Service Agency I had worked for six years ago, and after some asking around, they managed to find a family that needed a baby crib.

This morning, my six year old daughter was in the living room  when I pushed the baby crib out of my room.

“You’re pushing it out here?” Phoebie asked. She must have been confused because the baby crib has never left my room ever since we got it.

“Yes. Well, we are giving it away,” I told her.

“Giving it away?” Phoebie asked again.

“Yes. You see, we don’t need this baby crib anymore, because your brother is so big now. We have found a family who needs a baby crib but cannot afford to buy one,” I explained. 

“Look around us, Phoebie,” I continued, “We are so blessed with so many things, right?”

Phoebie looked around and nodded.

“Because we are so blessed, we can bless others too. We may not need this baby crib anymore, but someone else can use it. This family also does not have enough money to pay for the delivery of this crib, so we are going to bless them by paying for the crib to be delivered to them.”

Phoebie looked like she was thinking about what I had just said.

“You know, you can be a blessing too. When you go to school next year, if you have a friend who does not have something they need, for example an eraser, and you have more than what you need, you can bless one to your friend,”I told Phoebie.

“Because I have been blessed with so many, so I can give to my friend who needs it,” Phoebie said.

“Yup, that’s right,” I said, glad that she understood what I was saying.

Shortly after explaining to Phoebie where the baby crib was going, the transportation company came to collect the baby crib, two sets of cot bumpers, a brand new baby towel and a used-but-working-well bottle steriliser. 

My room looks emptier now where the baby crib stood for more than two years, but my heart is fuller, knowing that I have paid my blessings forward, that my daughter got to learn about being a blessing and that the crib will be going to a family that needs it.


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