All-in-One Luncheon Meat & Corn Rice

The other day, I saw a Japanese food video that someone shared on Facebook and the cooking looked so easy that even though I didn’t understand the language, I knew I could cook the dish. I finally tried it, and it was a really easy one-dish-meal, so I’m going to share it here.

The portion I cooked was for 4 adults.


1 roll of luncheon meat

1 corn

2 cups of rice

Stock enough for 2 cups of rice (based on the rice cooker pot)

65g butter

2 tbsp soy sauce 


Unwrap the luncheon meat from its wrapper and cut into small cubes. 

(I chose the #GoldenPalmBrand because it is less salty than most other brands. Also, this brand is a Singapore brand, so I’m supporting local brands.)

Clean the corn and cut it in half.

Wash rice thoroughly and fill it with stock until the stock reaches the 2-cups marker at the side of the pot.

(For the stock, I used the soup that I cooked for dinner.)

Add luncheon meat and corn into the rice pot, put the pot into the rice cooker and set to “cook” mode.

Once rice is cooked, remove corn from the pot and cut the kernels off. 

(In the video I watched, the person who cooked this dish cut the corn directly into the pot, but as the corn was really hot, i was unable to do it.)

Pour corn kernels back into the rice pot.

Add 25g of butter into the pot and mix everything together.

Scoop desired amount of rice onto a serving plate or bowl.

(Depending on how much you like butter, ) Add 5g to 10g of butter into the middle of the rice.

Drizzle 1/2tbsp of soy sauce onto the rice.

At this point, the dish is done. When I looked at it though, I decided to add one more thing. So the last element is optional and dependent on personal preference.

Tadah! I cooked a sunny side up and added it onto the rice. The runny egg yolk tasted really awesome on the buttery rice.

It is a really simple dish that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, and because everything (other than the sunny side up) is cooked in the rice cooker, there is lesser equipment to wash after cooking. 

*Taste is a very personal thing, so please feel free to tweak the recipe to your own liking.


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