What The Picture Your Child Draws Can Reveal To You

Phoebie, my firstborn, loves to draw. She can draw many pictures every day and sometimes I feel like she uses paper too fast. We came to a point where I had to ask her to use recycled paper, or used paper with one blank side for things she felt she just wanted to practice drawing. 

I have to admit that while she likes to tell me about what she draws, I don’t always pay full attention or actually get what she is drawing. I am so used to her drawing every day that I started to think that she just likes to doodle. 

It wasn’t until yesterday when she gave me a card as I was getting ready for a freelance project that I took a closer look at what she drew. It has been a while since I took a close look.

When I looked at her card, I melted. She knew that I had to go out for work that day, and she had specially drawn a card for me. On top of her usual “I love yous”, this card was the perfect boost for a work day. I loved how the stick people us were looking at each other and expressing love.

Even after I got home from work, I couldn’t stop thinking about the card. I decided that it was time to look through some of the pictures she had been drawing.

There was the picture she had drawn about Christmas. She was probably trying to show that her brother and her we’re going  to have a good time.

There was the time she got excited about the fireworks she saw on National Day and drew what she saw.

There was the Mother’s Day card that she drew for me.

There were pictures where she would incorporate stickers and try to create something.

There were the pictures that were about what she loved.

There were pictures that were about what we had seen when we went for evening walks.

There was the picture she drew right before she met her new baby cousin for the very first time. She said this would be how it would be like – her looking at the baby who was lying down.

And then there would be the many pictures that she would draw for her Papa and me, just because.

As I looked back at the many many pictures Phoebie drew every day, I realised that I could learn so much more about my daughter simply by looking at what she put on paper. 

I learnt about what she was excited about on certain days.

I learnt about what she was thinking about.

I learnt about how she saw the world through her eyes.

I learnt about the things that mattered to her.

Most of all, I learnt about who she truly is as a person. 

At Phoebie’s age (she’s almost six), she draws from her heart and tells her stories through the pictures she creates. 

That card that she gave me yesterday made me realise that it is time for me to pay more attention to the pictures she draws every day, because that is her way of showing who she is and expressing herself. Instead of telling her that she should draw lesser and try not to waste paper with her random drawings, I should be encouraging her to draw and find ways to store these treasures.

Perhaps I don’t have to keep every single picture she draws, but the very least I could do is to take a good and close look at what she puts on paper and talk to her about what she draws to get to know her.


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