Singapore Book Fair – 3rd to 9th June 2016

My mum loves to read and when she heard about the Singapore Book Fair, she asked me to go with her. Both my kids love reading too, and while the library is a good place to borrow books, my toddler is not very gentle with books. Books are good investments for knowledge, so I don’t mind spending money to get new good books for them. 

This is my first time to the Singapore Book Fair and I must say that I am very attracted by the price of the books. A lot of books are selling for $1 or $2. In fact, my mum bought 5 Chinese novels for just $5 and she was thrilled.

Phoebie was attracted to all the science books she saw and went from book to book, looking for one that she wanted to buy.

We stopped by a vendor who imports books from the UK. He told us that the books were going for at least 25% off their retail price. That certainly sounds like a good deal!

The Singapore Book Fair is at Suntec Convention Centre halls 401 and 402. 

I’m quite glad we went today, on its opening because it is not too crowded yet. 

Expect a lot of good deals, and also a big crowd if you are going this weekend!


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