In Case You Get Lost

Earlier this month, I shared an article on my Facebook page about a Mum whom had handed her business cards to her children when they had to go to a crowded place. 

In the article, she said, “For reasons I still can’t explain, I decided to do something I had never done before: I gave them each one of my business cards and told them to keep it in their pockets, just in case. I also pointed out the security desk and told them that if they ever got separated from me, they should return right here to this very spot, and I would come for them.”

It turned out that her instructions came in handy because one of her children did get separated from the rest of the family. Thanks to the lost child holding on to the writer’s business card, she was eventually reunited with the rest of the family. 

I had never thought of passing my business card to my kids (yes, I have a business card because I do freelance work), until I read the article. The very helpful tip came in handy when we had to attend a family day event for my husband’s organisation. 

I put my business card in a card holder, put a lanyard on it and told Phoebie, my five and a half year old, to wear it the whole time we were at the event. My husband and I also told Phoebie who she could look out for if she got separated from us. There were marshalls at the event and we told Phoebie that she could look for them and show them my card if she got lost.

We made her rehearse the lines, “I got lost and I cannot find my parents. This is my Mummy’s name card. Please help me call her and tell her that you found me.” Phoebie was made to say this a few times and we made sure she knew what to do.

Thankfully, Phoebie didn’t get lost during the family day event.  Nevertheless, having the lanyard with my business card on her was a little more assuring that we would be able to locate her if she did.

While we always do what we can to ensure that our children do not get lost, having a plan in case they get lost helps. 

(Of course, I pray that Phoebie never has to use my card because I would totally freak out if she really got lost.)


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