A Lesson About People Who May Be Different

I was watching “The Mentalist” while Phoebie was having her afternoon tea when she suddenly asked, “Mama, why is that man dressed like a woman?”

The episode I was watching featured some drag queens and Phoebie asked me that, I realised that she must be seeing someone like that for the first time. I thought quick and hard what I should say to my five and a half year old daughter.

“Well, it’s something he likes to do,” I answered.

“Why?” She asked again.

“People are all born with different things they like,” I tried my best to explain, “Some people enjoy dressing in different ways. Some people are born a girl, and enjoying dressing like a girl, like you and me. Some people are born a guy and enjoy dressing as a guy, like Papa and Didi. But some people are born a man, and wish they can be more like a girl. Some people are born a girl and wish they can be more like a man.”

I didn’t know if Phoebie understood my explanation but I had one more important point to add, “No matter how they choose to dress, it doesn’t mean people are bad just because they prefer something different. So we should not treat people differently just because they may look or dress different.”

“Okay,” said Phoebie, and continued with what she was doing.

I wonder how much Phoebie understood from what I said, but I am certain about one thing – I do not want her to judge others because of their preference or think that some people are bad because they are not like most people.


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