The Importance Of Saying No To Visitors

Last week was no fun. I spent three nights in hospital, no thanks to a bad case of gastroenteritis or gastric flu. When I was finally discharged from the hospital, I came home to a toddler who had unfortunately caught the same bug and a very tired Husband who was sleep deprived because he was busy handling the kids while I was hospitalised.

Of all the things that happened over the past week, I think that the best decision I made was saying no to everyone who offered to visit me at the hospital. 

Don’t get me wrong. I certainly appreciate all those who were concerned enough to offer to visit me, but I was really glad I said no to all of them for two reasons.

1. Keep the virus from spreading

When friends found out I was hospitalised, they offered to visit me but I said no thanks. I didn’t know what virus it was at that time and I didn’t want to take the risk of spreading it to those who visited. This turned out to be a wise decision because I was in fact suffering from a bad case of gastroenteritis. According to the doctor who attended to me, this virus is contagious by touch, which means it spreads easily. If I had accepted visitors, this virus may have been spread to more people.

My Husband and I also decided to excuse ourselves from all new year gatherings we had earlier committed to attend. We didn’t want to bring a sick toddler and spread the virus around.

2. Get quality rest.

The other reason I said no to visitors was because I knew I needed rest and lots of it. Throughout my stay at the hospital, I was sleepy most of the time and spent a great amount of time sleeping. I was really thankful for that because I am sure the rest contributed to my recovery.  

If I had said yes to visitors, not only would I not have gotten as much rest, I would also have to spend some time explaining to each visitor what happened to me and what landed me in hospital. That would have taken time away from my rest.

I’m not someone who dislikes visitors (trust me, when I was awake in the hospital, I was bored to tears). But there is always the right time and situation for friends to come and visit. Some situations are just not so ideal. I am just happy that this time, the virus I had did not spread to my friends, and that I had quality rest. The text messages I received when I was sick was enough to for me to know that my friends care.


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