Prevent The Spread Of Virus With Good Hygiene & Self Quarantine

As I am typing this, I am sitting on a hospital bed, still feeling nauseous but well enough to know that I want to get this message out.

The IV has been attached to me since Saturday night, when I came to the hospital A&E with a persisting fever and vomiting episodes.

Prior to that, I had felt feverish on Thursday night and went to see a GP on Friday morning. The primary diagnosis was that it might be a viral fever, along with a flu bug. As I rested at home, the fever persisted and at one point, hit 39.2 degrees celcius. The vomiting started on Saturday evening and by night time, husBenKoh decided to bring me to the hospital.

Blood tests revealed that it was indeed a viral infection and that it was also attacking the gastrointestinal area. A specialist was brought in to see me and he has confirmed all of that. 

I didn’t know how contagious this virus is, but to be safe, I have been rejecting visitors. 

I missed the kids terribly but I didn’t want to risk them falling sick, so the only say to see them was by Skype. I have to say, I am very thankful for technology.

When the doctor came in to see me this morning, he told me that if blood tests show that things have improved, he will likely discharge me. At this, I asked him how contagious the virus is because I have young children at home and didn’t want to take the risk of spreading it to them. The doctor immediately frowned and said that the virus spreads by touch. He recently had a young patient come in with the same virus and days later, it was the mother’s turn to be admitted with the same thing. 

As it is now, I am likely to ask to stay another night because I am still feeling nauseous on and off and really don’t want to take the risk of spreading the virus to my kids and Husband.

I am writing this as I rest in the hospital because I want to remind everyone how important good hygiene is in the prevention of virus spreading. My doctor told me that he would keep washing and sanitizer his hands the moment he checked me because the virus spreads by touch.

It is also important to self-quarantine when a parent is sick. I am very glad that I asked my Husband to move the kids into one bedroom with him while I rested in another room from the start of my fever. I also requested that he took leave from work so that I could keep my distance from my kids.

As much as I miss cuddling wit the kids, I am glad I have kept my distance from them in the past few days. I would rather stay away from them until I am well than to risk them getting sick.

So parents, if you or your child is sick, please:

1. Practice good hygiene. Wash and sanitize your hands after handling the sick person.

2. Avoiding kissing or hugging. A lot of viruses spread by touch.

3. If possible, practice self quarantine.

Stay healthy, everyone!


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