Family T-shirts for CNY

Just to be clear, family T-shirts can be for any occasion. It’s just that Chinese New Year is coming up, and everyone who celebrates it (including myself) is in the midst of looking for new clothes, and I think it can be quite nice for the whole family to wear a family t-shirt when visiting relatives. 

Toddley Thoughts is a company that prints family t-shirts, and what’s cool about them is that they customise designs for every family member. The company approached me late last year and customized three sets of family t-shirts for my family. HusBenKoh, Phoebie and I got t-shirts and Breyen had his designs printed on rompers. 

We also did a photoshoot with Toddley Thoughts and here are some pictures.

For this set of t-shirts, each of us have our Chinese zodiac animal and the family name printed on our t-shirts. I really like this set because all four of us are born in different animal years and we are united by the family name.

 This is how our t-shirts look like up close.

 Peppa pig is quite popular now, so if your child likes the character, this is a nice design you can choose and customize.

I like this last set too, because we all have our Chinese names on the t-shirt. So really, our shirts are “same same but different”.

The family t-shirts from Toddley thoughts are comfortable and the designs can be customised to suit the liking of each family member, and the family element can be incorporated onto each t-shirt. Having said that, I would like to thank the good people at Toddley Thoughts for the t-shirts my family can now wear together. We are individuals, and we are also one family, and all that is illustrated on the t-shirts.

As I post this blog entry, we are about three weeks away from Chinese New Year, so there’s still time to make your order!

(P.S. – I personally think the family t-shirts are great for when the family goes on holiday too.)


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