Back-to-school Preparation

It’s only a few more days to school reopen, whether for children in kindergarten or primary school. Most parents are probably using these few days to buy and pack whatever school supplies the children may need.

Some time ago, I was approached by a company called stickerkid and it wanted to share its products with me. This company makes customised name labels and their stickers are made in Switzerland. Withstanding dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, they are perfect for the everyday life with kids. 

I went to the website and checked out the products.

I was pleasantly surprised by the great variety of stickers that are customizeable! Intrigued, I proceeded to customise some stickers for my children.


  The last set of stickers are for shoes and I thought the size was great. I customised the size of the font so that when Breyen is old enough for school, he would be able to read his name easily.

Stickerkid labels are really good and since they are machine washable, it means parents can use these labels instead of using markers to write names on children’s T-shirts. This also means that the shirts can be passed on to another child simply by removing the label.

The person-of-contact from Stickerkid has offered to give me a promo code for my readers, so if anyone is interested to get the good products of Stickerkid, here it is: 10discountSGSTICKERKID

Happy shopping!


3 thoughts on “Back-to-school Preparation

  1. Hi Mummy
    Can it be machine wash? I am planning to use this name label for my son school shirt.
    Do I need to sew for security? Coz from your post, it looks like normal stickers

    • Hi Kia Mui,

      I have yet to wash anything in the machine but the company says the labels are machine washable. So far, from hand washing, the labels have been more lasting than other stickers we’ve tried. The names are not coming off and the labels are sticking well.

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